Quick Revelations About SexinTouch.com & Its Multiple Ways of Charging You

Once you find it, SexinTouch.com seems like a very busy site. The members’ database page has so much activity, that you may think that you’ve joined a real sensual dating heaven. It’s buzzing with profiles of cute women which seem like they have nothing better to do but eagerly wait for sex dates from new members. At least that’s the first thing that will come to mind. Users say the first impressions count but this is not the situation with  SexinTouch.com. You should be extremely careful about joining this hookup site and here are the reasons why.

Is Sex In Touch Authentic? Find Out Now!

I can’t stop but be amazed by the methods that false dating services use to fool people. Many of the tricks are just the same old classic methods in new shoes, but some of them find new ways. In the case of SexinTouch.com, there is nothing you haven’t already seen on other Bulova network sites. The main scam is about computer-created and promoted messages for making users stay as long as possible on the site and spend more money. SexinTouch.com is associated with a bunch of other hookup sites that work on the same network. In case you expect a plethora of casual dating, you will be very disappointed. This is not the service provider that is going to give you what you want.

Why is SexinTouch.com a Part of a Huge Casual Sex Scam

It doesn’t take very much to see the casual sex scam of SexinTouch.com. The problems begin when you start filling out your data, registering your name and your email, and thinking of a password – the scam is obvious. Then, it comes the moment when you are asked to read the Terms and Conditions and to agree to what they are asking from you.

Computer-created Messages: Flirtcasts, Auto-replies & Promoted Messages

There is one key provision you should be aware of – when you accept that you agree to the Terms and Conditions, you also agree with all your computer-generated created messages. Yes, they do admit that they post the computer-created messages, but is this really an argument in favor of justifying false practices? You are right if you think it’s not. However, when you’re horny and when you’re looking for quick sex we are not sure that you’ll read all provisions very scrupulously. Most users don’t like bothering with this time-stealing work altogether.

Extra Costs for Banking Transactions and Date Boosters

Don’t hope for free use – the trap with the free membership is until you register. When you register it becomes obvious that you can’t use anything for free. You must use a premium membership in order to use the additional services and features, needed for communication with other users. If you don’t pay you don’t gain. Not only that you will need to pay the basic subscription, but you must endure the costs for any charges from third-party links or extra charges on banking or non-secure transactions.

Unwanted SMS Charges

Keep in mind that SexinTouch.com collects your information by using cookies and other technical mechanisms and uses them for marketing purposes.There are no background or security checks or any interference to keep you safe from various online scammers. As it turns out, you’re registering for a non-secured website which is not at all free. It includes computer-made messages, such as auto-replies and flirtcasts with fake photos, and you are asked to pay the extra fees and the SMS package! This is like you’re in a false dystopian world with nonexistent people. In fact, you’re all there all alone just paying money to the company and hoping to get laid but nothing happens.

This doesn’t surprise us. All Bulova sites are using the same method. A bit of fake messaging, a few date boosters, and a bit of commercial “bonus” services to make it all happen in favor of SexinTouch.com. You can read plenty of other reviews for other dating sites about the scams of Bulova. Plenty of that on ADP!

Price Tag

  • $4.47 to buy access to a 3-day trial
  • $39.99 to buy access to a 1-month subscription
  • $83.97 to buy access to a 3-month subscription
  • $199.94 to buy access to a 3-month subscription

Busted or Trusted?

We still need answers to the same questions – why and how is SexinTouch.com surviving in the adult dating market for so long? What is the main reason for these false dating sites to prevail despite the amount of reviews present online, where users explain what is the problem with SexinTouch.com? There are still people that fall for the same deception. This is not the place to get laid. That is the final verdict for this site and nothing can happen for ADP to change its mind.

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