Scam – You’ll Never Believe These Rip-Off Tricks screencap

Fraudulent dating services are becoming more and more advanced, having no shame in how they scam people who are hungry for romance or horny for the good old sex date. It doesn’t take much to lure someone who likes to have a hookup into taking the credit card out, but users are also becoming a … Read more

5 Fishy Things Nobody Told You About ss

It just came to my attention that is not what it presents to be. I need to take on some quick action to avoid leaving other people suffering by being scammed with false dating possibilities. You will be swiping your credit card to get a membership and getting ripped off. This site says it is … Read more

Multiple Rip-Off Tricks Explain the Poor Ranking of screencap

While getting tricked in the real life is not so easy, being a scapegoat of an online scammer seems a hundred times easier. See here another one of my successful “arrests” where I evaluated the authenticity of, hoping to find a decent place for quick and fast sex that I can recommend to the … Read more