5 Fishy Things Nobody Told You About LocalHookup.com

Localhookup.com ss

It just came to my attention that LocalHookup.com is not what it presents to be. I need to take on some quick action to avoid leaving other people suffering by being scammed with false dating possibilities. You will be swiping your credit card to get a membership and getting ripped off. This site says it is … Read more

Multiple Rip-Off Tricks Explain the Poor Ranking of ArousingDates.com

Arousingdates.com screencap

While getting tricked in the real life is not so easy, being a scapegoat of an online scammer seems a hundred times easier. See here another one of my successful “arrests” where I evaluated the authenticity of ArousingDates.com, hoping to find a decent place for quick and fast sex that I can recommend to the … Read more