5 Costly Mistakes You Can Avoid by Staying Away From XSocial.com

I would say that XSocial.com is more anti-social than social and that it will make you only horny not getting anywhere with your online dating; not to mention real-life hookups with potential dating prospects from this deceitful site.

XSocial.com has advanced automated systems for creating fake communication between members and will only offer a money-extorting bait instead of real dating. Don’t fall for the fake claims about member numbers because I got totally same profile selection while logging in from two totally different locations.


The first sign of deceit that broke trust for me was the lack of contact information. It speaks volumes about professionalism and indicates dishonest intentions by hiding behind a blank space. No respectable or trustworthy dating business would leave an empty contact info.

From this worrying start, the things discovered while patrolling just got worse by the minute.

As I mentioned, there is much computer-generated content that it is hard to tell which fact is true and which is false. If you can manage your way among the fake profiles and find the real ones, let me know, I’d sure want to know how you did it.

Why is XSocial.com a Deceptive Adult Dating Site

Let’s take the tour in more details so that you get a grip of the way fraudsters work their tricks on adult dating sites:

  • Missing contact information.

If you open the About Us section on XSocial, you will see that there is blank space staring you in the face next to the “Official Address” field. First of all, the site does not provide any info, and second, it tells you that you should not send any mail to the address which is non-existent. This is a major avoidance tactic of responsibility and is not at all a false flag to stay with your eyes wide open if you want to avoid a scam.

XSocial.com no contact info

  • Confusing membership fees.

I had difficulty understanding and interpreting the costs for membership fees until it dawned me that this is done intentionally to cause confusion. The use of vague language and multi-interpretation of simple facts is a fraudulent method to choose a convenient truth whenever the other is challenged. It is a legal trick of major con attorneys and dishonest legal contracts so you should always look for clear language if you want to stay safe. I wouldn’t go as far as advising legal expert advice, but I start thinking that might not be such a bad idea.

x social tag

  • Automated messages.

Not only will you get welcoming messages from fake profiles when you join and start your “free” membership, but you also authorize XSocial.com to send you diverse promotional offers and packages, not withholding from information sharing with third parties. Moreover, it does not bear any responsibility for when you click yes to alternative service providers. Therefore, make sure that you double-check these clever scam deployed by XSocial.com.

x social names

  • Virtual hotties.

Nothing new at XSocial.com, just the usual rip-off tactic under a new name. Here we have fabricated profiles called “Virtual Hotties”. I had one welcoming me just as I joined, and having created just a screen name, I started receiving email messages from a totally different email domain named X Personals, which made me suspect that there is more than one company that abuses the same pool of members.

X Social virtual hotties

  • Free members can’t contact others.

It is impossible to engage in conversation unless you upgrade to one of the paid deals. I wanted to try the “Play” button with one of the possible hookup matches and I got an immediate prompt to upgrade to one of the paid deals. “No pain, no gain” or better to say, “No money, no pussy honey.”

XSocial.com fake free membership

Price Tag

No free chat for members.

Paid memberships are:

  • 1 month is $29.95
  • 3 months is $59.95
  • 6 months is $99.95

Busted or Trusted

This not so long tour made me confident that indications I got from users are real and that XSocial.com is a fake dating site where not only will you not get laid, but will also chat for your money with phony girls having false or no hope that the chat will ever turn into a real hookup with hot sex.

I suggest using some of the reputable dating sites for great results, have a look at our legit dating site section to find out which is the one for you.

2 thoughts on “5 Costly Mistakes You Can Avoid by Staying Away From XSocial.com”

  1. Never got a chance to hookup. I was spammed with porn videos for sales and was constantly asked to upgrade to enable chat. I will open my eyes big time when I need to subscribe again!


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