Skyline Escort Review: An Official German Agency Report

If you ever find your way to Frankfurt, Germany, it looks like this is the place to get escort services. Skyline Escort agency prides itself in the VIP escort services it provides. Can you imagine that? Namely, the girls don’t only have fabulous look, but also great personalities! Probably someone asked for that, people like all sorts of weird stuff. I don’t have anything against dating nice hot women.

They are for sure a more pleasant company than nightmare women. But they are more difficult to find among escorts and call girls than on free adult dating sites! In the following sections, I explain what I’ve discovered in the Skyline Escort review.

Read further below to find out what to expect, cost-wise, and service-wise.

Zero Skyline Escort Reviews from Clients

Unfortunately, the number one factor of credible services is missing. There is no menu or section related to user reviews. I, as well as many other visitors and clients, base their initial decision about a site on what others think. Nothing like that on Skyline Escort. In contrast, there is plenty of good wording posted by the agency.

Skyline Escort Review gallery

You know what’s the most interesting? This website doesn’t even try to mask the dubious business it does. For instance, they have links called “Frankfurt hookers” or “Frankfurt prostitutes”. If you try to click on them, you’ll end up nowhere. Other links in the relevant section, such as “Frankfurt call girls” take you to the galleries and the booking form. This is a clever way to avoid responsibility and still provide what we all know about call girls and escorts.

You can call an escort with many different names, but you cannit disguise the truth!

Don’t call me girl, Sir!

Adult dating sites which offer the free bang for the buck offer the same, just not for the ridiculous prices. You can see more about the prices in the “Rates” section of this Skyline Escort review.

When I advise against using escort sites, I always keep in mind how these businesses hook clients. They are the master of the craft for polishing photos and marketing their offer for rip-off fees. It beats me every time when I see people paying hundreds of dollars to date an unreliable escort when they can get all for free. Just join a casual hookup site, people!

I’m hooked!

Skyline Escort Review: Rates Skyrocket!

Although the fees on include travel, booking, and outcall expenses, they are not at all cheap. Here is an overview of the costs for various bookings:

Standard Booking

  • €200
  • 1 hour

Superior Booking

  • €380
  • 2 hours

Supreme Booking

  • €560
  • 3 hours

Executive Booking

  • €740
  • 4 hours

Master Booking

  • €1000
  • 6 hours

Avantgarde Booking

  • €1200
  • 8 hours

Deluxe Booking

  • €1500
  • 12 hours

The only difference is the length of the stay, don’t fall for the fancy names! A night for almost 2,000 bucks? Wow!

Think Twice Before Joining!

The good thing is not many of my followers visit Frankfurt often. So I hope it won’t so detrimental to the usual audience. Still, you can learn a lot about the majority of European escort agencies by examining Open your eyes, people! You expose yourself to many scamming methods and health risks! It’s a hundred times better to test your casual dating skills on cost-free sites. If you’re looking for the those that work, then give these listed here a shot. 

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