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Like many other services I’ve visited, The Other Board starts the introduction to their offer by warning you about your legal age. It would have been amazing if they put all warnings up on the front page! But nope they didn’t! That’s why I do what I do. This website calls itself a provider of adult services and is something in-between a standard escort service and poorly managed adult dating scam. Why do I think you won’t be surprised by The Other Board review? Read below for in-depth info.

Key Facts from The Other Board Review

The format of this site is like the typical onel for fake hookup sites. Although there is an escort section, it includes Help and Support sections. It also has free subscriptions and paid memberships.

TheOtherBoard Review references

If you’ve come across my dating site reviews, you will notice similarities between them and The Other Board review. They, too are based on the freemium model, luring users in with free options and charging them enormous prices for premium services.

Even if you need to pay, you’d better pay for something great! And that’s not the case on The Other Board review since only the basic access is free of charge. Moreover, there are no mentions of the charges for the escorts. You’re left to your own devices when you need to deal with them. You can rely on one of the two options:

The Other Board Reviews by Users

If you search for a particular girl you like, you will see that their profiles include reviews. Reviews encompass several criteria: user experience, date, and info. But most of the reviews don’t include any text or precise information about what to expect. So when you look for specific information, you won’t find details. You can see if a user had experience with the girl but nothing more.


References are very similar to the reviews. However, they’re almost non-existent. You won’t have much use of them.

Since escorts are distributed by locations, you will need to search the continent first. But from what I’ve seen, most options are in the U.S. You can join the forum, but not comment for free.

Is The Other Board Worth the Effort?

Not really! I recommend staying out and far from it. Be especially careful about getting in touch with scammers. The site itself alerts about fraudulent users cropping up and messing with you. They ask you to pay attention to reviews and references to avoid this. Since they are very scarce, you won’t have to waste your time for long on The Other Board.

Even if you spend hours on the forum, you can’t draw conclusions. The community is very small to be able to extract information about one girl. You can have some lessons, but that’s all. Look for casual dates on one of the densely populated forums on genuine dating sites. 

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