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The fun way to present this active adult dating site with two sex-happy birdies turns into a disappointment when you actually discover that is used for selling various products including adult movies and webcam services. No one likes to think that they have come across just another porn site when they are actually looking … Read more

Common Sense Tips to Stay Away from Scam Exposed screencap

The site that starts off with a video flash player presentation looks very promising and playful, but as our investigation went by, the service is just as fake as the rest of the dishonest providers. Additionally, the site now claims to have a new name  –, but it is obvious that apart from … Read more Scam screencap

Many people prefer dating older women and search specifically for adult dating sites specialized for milfs and cougars. Well, claims to be such a site that will provide you with plenty of opportunities tfulfillil your erotic dreams and find dating possibilities with naughty women regardless of the sexual orientation.  Do you really get the … Read more

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About and Why it is a Fake

We are already used to seeing the sites associated with this same company getting customer’s budgets blasted. like the example of This is not the first time to see how the same system works across several domain names that serve just as a bait to create new original fraudulent content attractive for the horny … Read more

5 Things You Wished You Knew About Dating Scam screencap

This is not the first time we are investigating a dating website that belongs to the Friend Finder network. It just has a different name (as if) while the rip-off methods are almost totally the same. However, we must admit that and the rest of the associated adult dating providers do know how to … Read more

How’s Scam Is Taking Over and What to Do About It screencap

This site has a very convenient name and we bet that many people are looking to find online dating sites by using the exact search term as the site’s name. And it is true that the site figures in the top search results when using this term, but from Adult Dating Patrol’s investigation it became … Read more

Getting Tired of Dating Scams? fake membership fees

How about another free lifetime offer that is not at all for a lifetime? It is evident that the same scam creator has used a similar name trick and just added the suffix “booty calls” at the end of the Free LifeTime segment used on several other sites to make a new location for welcoming … Read more – The Scam No One Is Talking About

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There is not a person I know who is not willing to have easy sex, and when someone hears of super easy sex available online, he or she becomes all ears. It is a catchy phrase that sounds hot, convenient and fun and is attractive to users. This contagious slogan sounds awesome in reality but … Read more

Beware of the Hidden Costs on

Having to pay an extra cost for extra services is something already seen on illegitimate adult dating sites but having to pay an extra interest fee for missed payments is a really inventive idea to rip off more cash from online dating newbies. It is like fraudulent dating services are thinking of new ways to … Read more

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Invest in

Here is just another variant of another scam that we have previously debunked here in Adult Dating Patrol and it refers to the already infamous is just a subdomain of with the same interface, same member directory, and site features, under a new name. Apart from being just a duplicate, it undoubtedly … Read more