SweetDiscreet.com is Not so “Sweet & Innocent”: This is the Bitter Truth

SweetDiscreet has a bunch of fake women called sweethearts. These sweethearts are so undeserving of the name! They seem nice only by the picture and by initial contact. They can get so pleasant that you will want to text them as soon as you get the chance. No worries though – you will get more messages from them then you can send back. How is this possible you may think? Well, let’s find out more about the awful work of SweetDiscreet.com.


Here is a quote from the Terms and Conditions of this messy hookup website that explains the way these Sweethearts make the website a dangerous place for naive members:

  • Enhance the online companionship and entertainment experience

  • Demonstrate to users the features and communication tools of the site

  • Encourage broader participation in our services

  • Educate members regarding the site’s various features and communication tools

  • Ensure compliance with our Terms and Conditions

  • Facilitate account development

Why is SweetDiscreet.com a Fake Hookup Service

Apart from the very dangerous and risky messing up with the Sweethearts, you have to watch you back from several other rip-off directions. SweetDiscreet has thought of imaginative ways to take you the downward spiral of your budget.

You Can’t Read Your Emails

Many users in the FAQ section ask the same question:”Why can’t I read my emails?” Well, the answer to that question is pretty simple: you can’t read them because you need to pay. Payments are done by upgrades and choosing one of the subscriptions that last one month, three months or six months. That’s how it goes – you register, get all buzzed up with the bitter-sweet girls and then pay for emails if you want to see what’s behind the time-limited emails!

Paid Flirts Are Used to Entice Users to Upgrade

Not only the emails but also the flirts are an alternative method for making you pay more than you ever thought you would. Flirts are some sort of easy-to-use communications method which can help you take on the communication in the right direction. As you can see, SweetDiscreet uses all indiscrete methods to take your money while providing nothing in return but fake profiles!

Fake Women Called Sweethearts Ruin Chances of Any Hookups

Here is finally the proof of the “Sweethearts” for those that have the time to read this. Most users don’t read this at all or just scroll down quickly without paying real attention to here they are headed by registering for the nasty online dating scams. And this is how they exist for years!

Price Tag

  • $9.98 for a 2-day trial
  • $34.99 for a 1-month usage
  • $68.97 for a 3-month usage.
  • $69.90 for a 6-month usage.

Busted or Trusted?

Please don’t make the terrible mistake of hoping that anything good will turn out from the membership on SweetDiscreet.com. By now, you are probably very clear that’s not an option. You might start thinking about avoiding all dating websites with the “heart” logo for good because we predict many more to come.

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