Harlot Hub Review: The Adult Massage and Escort Hub (To Avoid)

The Harlot Hub review took longer than I expected. The site looks simple but I still needed to take a number of steps to ensure it’s not all empty promises. I wasn’t right, though. This web service has a bit different name than the Backpage series, but it looks very similar. Even the ToU include a disclaimer that the site is nothing like the eliminated ceased website. However, although the site is labeled for escorts and massages, if you take a tour you’ll quickly understand what it’s all about.

No Harlot Hub Reviews on the Web

I didn’t find any relevant resource or feedback that gives positive or negative feedback about Harlot Hub. I’m not sure which is worse. Having no online presence can mean only one thing – the site sucks! I still did the investigation to check what is available. You guessed it right – nothing much. There are search filters by country, province, and city to help you out. I did my research to find someone in my area and I’ll demonstrate the results later. For now, let’s see what else is there.

For one, I’m not sure why we see the label ”Escort and Erotic Massage Site” when there are no massage links to such providers. In fact, the whole platform is almost empty. Regardless of your preference, you won’t find many options, not to mention if you are looking for free casual hookups!

What Hides Behind Adult Jobs?

There’s nothing under these ads, too. Apart from that, they can mean anything and everything, including legal and illegal activities, so – be careful.

Harlot Hub Review Zero Chance for a Date

The HarlotHub.com Review Reveals Zero Chance for a Date

I tried to find a date in Colorado, including a wider area, not only my city. The number of return results was zero!

Fake Adult Classifieds

I searched under “Dating” and “Dates” and didn’t find anything. Despite the existence of the relevant category, I was staring at a blank screen. Don’t waste your time here!

Buy Bitcoins and Credit

I have no clue why Bitcoins and fake dating services often go together. Wait – maybe I do? Because they are full of dubious and shady scammers who are looking for naive prey? You know from the news about cryptocurrency scams, and you know about adult dating scams from my reviews!

Harlot Hub – No Backpage?

To wrap up this review, I examined the Terms and Conditions in more detail. The site says it’s against paid sexual favors and it includes other mandatory provisions that could differentiate it from fake classified services. But I didn’t notice any difference. They look identical to me. The one difference I could notice is the absence of replicated ads made by fake profiles. So – you won’t be the prey in a scavenger hunt but you still have minimal (read: zero) chances to land free dates.

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