Mona Lisa Models Review: “Down Under” Escorts

Mona Lisa Models review screenshot

This Australian escort agency provides escort girls in Melbourne and Sydney. It says it is about classy girls. So, if you’re interested in communicating Mona Lisa Models, then you must be gentleman?! At least that’s what the advertisement says. What happens behind the curtains, though? I peeked behind the curtains to take a tour and … Read more

Escort Agency Red Velvet Review: The Real Truth

Escort Agency Red Velvet screenshot

This Wollongong escort agency has a ton of problems right from the start. Even if you’re an experienced user of dating websites you will notice the lack of content on this service. We’ve already presented a couple of other reviews about escort agencies and escort directories in Australia. But this is a specific content for … Read more

Candy Shop Escorts Review

Candy Shop Escorts review screenshot

If you’re looking for genuine dating opportunities, you should definitely not search for them on escort websites. There are plenty of problems you can encounter by hiring call girls, especially if you are in an unknown area such as another country. So if you’re traveling to Manchester and thinking of taking the risk to date … Read more

Chikas Review: Chilean Escort Scam Exposed

Chikas Review screenshot

The page Chrome snippet gives it all to you. It’s about photos, pornos, and non-retouched selfies of hot Latinas in Chile. This website looks more like a webcam service than like an escorts directory. The pictures of the girls are like from porn videos. Although I found a piece of the content to be truthful, … Read more

Flawless Escorts Review: Not Worth The Risk!

Flawless Escorts review screenshot

I’m not surprised to see that most of the escort girls here come from the Bangkok region. What is Thailand famous for? If you want to search escort girls of this Australian escort agency by location you can find all locations that are close to the “down under” continent – New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, … Read more

100 Escorts Review: Bargain Escorts in London’s Whereabouts

100 Escorts Review screenshot

Thanks to the cool London vibe about escort services, agencies in the UK capital proliferate like mushrooms after the rain. Just make one search on the internet and you find thousands of websites about individual escorts. However, girls working alone is only one side of the story. There are plenty of escort agencies who do … Read more

OK Escorts Review: The Private Barcelona-Based Agency

OK Escorts Review

Barcelona is not only about the best of Spanish sports, although this is the first association that may come to mind. If you are lucky to go for a European holiday and end up in Spain, you must be interested in how to find some casual dates. This website about university escorts looks appealing, but … Read more

Shecky’s Review: A Utica And Las Vegas Escort Platform Or Bust! #TruthHurts

Shecky's Review

If it wasn’t for the annoying warning banner, (you know –  the one that warns you about the age) I would have been quite happy with the Shecky’s escort website. It’s a cool website, although it looks fairly new. However, I wonder how genuine it is. From what I’ve discovered on my tour, I don’t … Read more

Valentine Escort Review: The Malaysia-Based Agency (Full Report)

Valentine Escort review screenshot

This is an escort agency in Kuala Lumpur and at least it doesn’t hide its true colors. Okay, only partially! It seems that by hiring a girl you’ll get not only a blowjob, but also a part-time lover! S this what you are looking for? Most of my followers want to have great sex. They … Read more

Sexy Asian Escorts Review

Sexy Asian Escorts review

If you’re looking for Asian escorts the middle of London then read this Sexy Asian escorts review. Many of the escort agencies I explore don’t offer specialist services. However, in the heart of London, there so many escort agencies that I am not surprised the some of them are service-specific. Because you can be an … Read more