OK Escorts Review: The Private Barcelona-Based Agency

Barcelona is not only about the best of Spanish sports, although this is the first association that may come to mind. If you are lucky to go for a European holiday and end up in Spain, you must be interested in how to find some casual dates. This website about university escorts looks appealing, but also suspicious. For one, the girls are very young. Many of them are teens. I wonder how realistic is this presentation of super sexy models in the profile gallery. Anyways, I don’t vote in favor of dubious escort sites and this OK Escorts review is not an exception.

OK Escorts Review: A Snapshot of Expectations

We call it soccer, they call it football. Don’t get confused about the type of sports, though. European football is nothing like American football. And the football club Barcelona is one of the leaders. I guess that explains so many girls ending up in the attractive city for tourists working as escorts.

Who Are the OK Escorts?

You know the story classic. Students have a lot of energy and struggle with money. So becoming an escort in a crowded city is a great side job. If you think that you are in for all these cookies, carefully consider your options. There is no guarantee you will ever what you thought you saw on the website.

The girls don’t even have faces and they all look the same. For what I can say, it can be the same girl on all photos. Or – just a few different girls with different makeup and styling. That’s the first reason why I don’t trust OK Escorts. Additionally, there are no OK Escort reviews from visitors and clients.

Here are the rates:

OK Escorts Review Rates

Though I don’t think the rates are that much different from other escort sites (like Bedpage.com and many more). I’m not sure if this is how much you will in fact pay. There is no description of the included stuff you get for your money.

This is the oldest trick in the profession. You book a girl at a specific rate. Later, you’re asked to pay more. If you don’t agree, you get nothing. Or, in the worst-case scenario, you get busted by someone who doesn’t take no for an answer!

Final Thoughts on the OKEscorts.com Review

Spain is nice. Barcelona is even nicer. Spanish soccer rules. Messi is a cool dude. And Spanish girls are more than nice. We know that all too well from visiting Latin American resorts and banging juicy Latinas. Many of us have had the best times of our lives in Spanish-speaking countries. All that sun and holiday mood make people more up for casual sex.

For the money you will need to pay to hire a Barcelona escort for a night, you can have a decent weekend in a nearby holiday place. And without the risks of getting an STD, being ripped off or suffering alternative unfavorable consequences! A word of caution: It’s much better to take a risk at a free adult dating site than pay for chicks to “escort” you! There are tons of good looking girls ready to get laid. They don’t need to look like exclusive models. Make your decision based on all risks included!   

If you’re contemplating using something else other than this escort agency, then kudos to you. My advice would be to skip this entirely and shoot for one of the scam-free sites here.

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