Shecky’s Review: A Utica And Las Vegas Escort Platform Or Bust! #TruthHurts

If it wasn’t for the annoying warning banner, (you know –  the one that warns you about the age) I would have been quite happy with the Shecky’s escort website. It’s a cool website, although it looks fairly new. However, I wonder how genuine it is. From what I’ve discovered on my tour, I don’t believe that it can be trusted. Especially not up to 100%! Let’s dig into this Shecky’s review and see what are the reasons that I don’t give too much credit to this website.

The Truth About Shecky’s Review

The site includes premium and verified members from all over the world. There is also a group called featured members. Depending on the affiliation, each girl has the relevant tag on the profile photo. The profile includes physical description, one main photo, a nice text about what the girl is all about, her height, and some other bits and pieces, like contact details and location.

Shecky's Reviews from Users and Agencies

How much of the information displayed is actually real? The first serious problem shows up when you check the menus and submenus. The top bar has several tabs. However, if you open them, they’re all empty. Here are the main reasons I don’t believe this site has a lot of traffic or a lot of potential to that matter.

  • No escort tours!
  • No user reviews!
  • No real pictures!
  • No blog content!

These tabs are there just for the sake of it. Many of the premium members are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. I wanted to check the profiles of a couple of the girls so that I get a better picture of what to expect contact-wise. For example, let’s look at the profile of this escort Kelly. She’s from Las Vegas. There is a sultry text attached to her profile but there is only one photo. Most of the girls have one photo only. It looks totally unreal. It is photoshopped – I couldn’t find any evidence that these are real girls! Girls belong to other agencies, as well. For instance, Kelly belongs to Lollipop Escorts, too.

las vegas GIF

You need to register both as a member and as an escort. The site functions as an advertising platform and Shecky ’s doesn’t take any responsibility about the content girls post and respond to.

User and Agency Shecky’s Reviews

Naturally, what others say the biggest proof that you’re getting a good deal! Although there is a section for user reviews on Shecky’s, both subsections including user reviews and agency reviews are empty. So no one has actually reviewed any of the offerings on Shecky’s. I could be the first to post a Shecky’s review but I wouldn’t expose myself to that risk. Nah, man! I prefer dating for free on legit dating sites!

Shecky's Review profile

Do I Think Shecky’ is Real?

The short and simple answer is no!

The longer answer includes my doubts about some of the girls. For sure, many of the girls are real and they will give you a good service. Don’t forget that you need to pay for them, though1 Rates are anywhere between $200 and $500 for a date. The date usually lasts a couple of hours tops.  For that much money, you can have several rounds of drinks at a top bar and get laid with a girl that doesn’t provide sex for money. You get my point! The risk of joining a free adult dating site pays off, although you need to be careful there, too! Risks associated with escort sites are just too big.

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