Euro Girl Escort Review: Can You Say Fake Profiles!

You know that I point out decent dating opportunities while disclosing illegitimate services. Occasionally, I encounter escort sites that mess with casual dating websites and trick users about what they’re really up to. Today I’m explaining everything about Euro Girl Escort, a site related to Amsterdam services.

What I found is that it definitely doesn’t provide hookup possibilities. In contrast, it involves many suspicious links from publishers with ill reputation.

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Euro Girl Escort Fraud

I’ve never seen so well disguised website content on a single source and with such quality. This is why it’s so successful in its nasty misleading links which offer sex for money from unverified resources. It’s easy to fall victim to an aggressive directory like this. But my role is to help you avoid that. Here is what you need to look for.

Skyrocketing Western and Eastern European Fees

Though there is a difference in the fees for cities in Eastern and Western Europe for example, they are both super expensive. It doesn’t matter where you come from if sex for money is illegal where you are located.

Apart from huge fees, you can end up with an STD and a police record. The more serious problem is that you will end up paying for a bogus delivery, as explained in the following sections.

User Reviews Prove Online Rip-offs

I knew it! It’s easy to generate so many profiles when many are fake. I know this for a fact from experience since I’ve been doing dating site reviews for over a decade. Creating nonexistent profiles is a proven way for scamming users, on both casual hookup and escort sites.

Prices you will pay are a rip-off for which you don’t get your service. Alternatively, you need to pay an advance which is never repaid for “no show” situations.

Fake Profiles As Many as You Want

Euro Girls Escort online ripoffs

The user reviews are one proof that you can’t tell what you’ll end up with. Just check some of the photos! You will instantly understand that these girls have no genuine intentions!

They are just produced by escort agencies that want to attract visitors and then give only a tiny bit of the services. Anything that resembles a service, not the real thing!

Avoid Euro Girl Escort at All Costs

Fake girls presenting themselves for what they’re not? You betcha!

Rip-off fees? Sure!

Advertising content that won’t land you a casual date? Definitely!

Do you want that? I don’t think so!

Infographic: Euro Girl Escort Review


Infographic Euro Girl Escort Review

The fees here are crazy, the reviews are skeptical, and the fake profiles are rampant. Be careful if you decide to take action. That’s my only advice and I’m going to suggest that you not waste time using it. Honestly, it’s really that simple my friend.

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