Atlas Escorts Review Reveals The Fakeness Here

Atlas Escorts is a U.S.-based escort network that uses only individual contractors, doesn’t accept escort agencies and provides translated services. But, money is definitely in the game as nothing is for free! You must pay for everything. Each model pays the advertising fees and gets the links to ad banners on a personal website.

No Real Hookups!

You never know what you can find on an escort website. Obviously, the biggest problem is the legality of the services depending on your location. While free hookups are completely legal, prostitution is definitely not legal in the majority of the world. Although you can’t really pay for sex in the U.S., there are plenty of locations where you can. That makes escort sites even more dangerous. You can never tell what location is behind the sexy photo and what you’re getting yourself into!

Atlas Escorts VIP Ads

VIP Adverts

Since models an advertise for free, the dangers are multiplied. So, beware of the cheap service. But there are also paid VIP services, where models pay for putting their business on Atlas Escorts. They may be more genuine, but they still cost hundreds of dollars per hour.

Link Exchange

Atlas Escorts Network link exchange

Link exchange is a method for sharing content that business use to amp up ratings. When a site is as generous with link sharing, it can attract various types of fraudsters. The rules and the terms do not apply to the contractors, so when you are dealing with them you are on your own. That’s another thing you need to keep in mind.

Chaturbate Cams

Atlas Escorts Network Chaturbate Cams

Atlas Escorts has a link to the cam site Chaturbate placed prominently on the man drop down tab. It flashes intermittently. You will definitely notice it. It can grab your attention and take you into uncharted pad territory – one that you didn’t plan to explore as you started looking for hookups on this service.

No Agency Ads Allowed

Agencies cannot place advertisements on Atlas Escorts. I can say that’s one of the good things with this network. But considering the rest of the problems, you really don’t need to pay much attention to this fact.

Atlas Escorts Network No Agency allowed

Atlas Escort is NOT a Dating Website!

You probably didn’t need me to tell you this. It’s obvious right from the start that this is no genuine adult dating site. However, it’s my duty as a member of the Adult Dating Patrol team to tell you that explicitly. It’s even more critical to making a difference between escort sites and ad classifieds since many fake escort sites are mimicking classifieds and wreak havoc on people’s budgets. Leave Atlas Escorts to someone who cannot tell the difference between real and fake, I honestly hope there are very few people like that out there!

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