SweetSext Reviews (This one is LEGIT)

Why is SweetSext one of the hottest hookup apps? Today, you can find out! This is a great app because you can meet up for sex and trade your naked selfies with others. With 2021 being what it is, this is a great opportunity for you to see nude people and spread the love by showing off yours. Below you’ll find a complete and up to date review which has been recently investigated in 2024.

sweet sextMy Sweet Sext review explains everything, so there’s no need to wonder about something. Just to clarify for you, I’ve also used this network for a few months now. It’s becoming one of my all-time favorites, and you’re sure to love it, as well. Click here to visit the site!

I’ve used tons of sexting apps in my lifetime. There’s just something so fun about being naughty! Most of them are trashy or don’t work as they should, but there have been a couple that are pure gold.

Recently, I came across SweetSext, which is an app that helps you trade nude selfies and hookup for sex with others. I thought I might share my thoughts about it.

Before you click off thinking that this is just a run-of-the-mill hookup app, think twice! This one works unlike some of the others out there. However, the best part is it was created during this whole pandemic mess to help horny people connect with each other.

In my SweetSext.com review, I cover all the aspects of this website. You also get to hear some of my personal success stories from using the app, too. Before we dive right into the nitty-gritty, let’s cover this basic question I know you’re dying to ask:

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My SweetSext Review

Here is the full update you need for SweetSext.com. I explain what I learned when I used the app. Yes, I still use Sweet Sext today because it is one of my all-time favorite NSA apps available on the market right now. I have a feeling that it might take over the Fling app soon because I use SweetSext more often. However, before we rush in, here’s what you need to know:

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What’s SweetSext.com?

SweetSext is considered a hookup app, and it was created so that the users can meet other local members for sex. You can also trade nude selfies and flirt while on the app.

Join sweet sext

This app was built for those who enjoy using Snapchat but don’t want to risk getting kicked off of the site for sending naked selfies or nudes to other people.

It really is that simple. I know it sounds cut and dry, but the experience you get from this site isn’t. In fact, it’s truly amazing, and I think it’s one of the better naked selfie and sexting apps I’ve found. Since I use it all the time, it speaks volumes as to how much I enjoy it.

If you take just five minutes to visit SweetSext.com, you can see for yourself how badass the network is. Plus, the girls are smoking hot on here.

I know that you’re probably thinking that it’s hard to join these apps. Is it a pain in the butt? Well, some other sexting apps might make you jump through hoops to get in, but this one doesn’t. It really couldn’t be easier.

Below, I explain specifically how to join SweetSext. It might take you about 30 seconds (at the most) to register and start chatting with hotties.

How to Join Sweet Sext

Once you decide to join the network (which shouldn’t take too long when you see it), the process is super simple. You only have to go through a few steps to register for an account successfully. I’ve listed those steps below for those who are interested in trying out this app.

sign up for sweet sext

First, though, you need to go to the homepage to get started. To do that, you can tap any of the register now links I’ve provided in this post. If you don’t like that (it’s always better to be safe), you can type in www.sweetsext.com into any browser.

You’re likely to see the next button first. Right above it, you see the numbers one through six. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Mark whether you are a woman or a man.
  2. Choose who you want to seek (woman, man, couple). You can also pick all three.
  3. Enter your current zip code or the one where you want to look for hookups.
  4. Select your age.
  5. Enter your primary email address. If you don’t have one (or don’t want to use your primary), you can create another one for this.
  6. Check the box to get free Camsoda tokens. This is optional, but if you want to cam with the girls, you want those freebies.
  7. Choose a password, and make sure it’s strong.

That’s all you have to do! Once you’ve completed the steps, you can enter the member’s area. From there, you can update your profile and start finding hookups or asking for nudes.

Tips to Create Your Profile

Our Sweet Sext review couldn’t be complete without me giving you some pointers on your profile. Here are a few things I think you should do if you truly want to get laid using this app:

Upload Your Photo – It’s almost a requirement to upload a photo if you want to meet someone. Let’s be honest: no one wishes to chat with the placement holder image. They want to see your face so that they know who they’re dealing with. Get in the game the right way from the beginning!

Select Your Display Name – Make sure that you choose a great display name that turns heads. The women on here have seen it all, so be unique and bold. It doesn’t hurt to get creative, either. Just don’t use your last name or your entire name. This isn’t LinkedIn or Facebook. It’s your go-to sex dating app, so remember that!

Select Your Preferences – At this point, you can choose the criteria for your ideal “date.” You want to do this, even though it takes time. That way, you can meet someone you actually like and are interested in instead of shuffling through all the no-gos.

Message Girls – Don’t be afraid to message girls yourself instead of waiting for them to start. This isn’t Bumble! You can reach out to anyone and socialize the way you want. Put in the work yourself so that you get laid sooner.

Upgrade to Get New Features – It’s free to use SweetSext, and most people are willing to leave it at that. However, if you use the upgrade, you have a better shot at meeting someone. Yes, it converts your status to the premium level and costs a bit of money, but it’s worth it! When I did, it opened many doors for me.

Messaging Members

It’s fairly easy to send messages through the message center. I usually bang out 50 messages in a few minutes. Most of the members respond quickly, too.

Remember: these people want to sext, so jump right in. Even though it’s called Sweet Sext, the messages get naughty and dirty. Some of these girls get to the point immediately, and I’m okay with it (and I’m sure you are too.)


The price to upgrade is fairly reasonable, and there are a couple of options to consider. Let’s cover the reason why you should upgrade. What features can you gain access to?

Upgrade Features:

  • Deep Search
  • See Who Has Viewed Your Profile
  • Group Chat
  • Premium Content
  • Swipe Game
  • Live Cams

Upgrade Membership Options:

  • $0.95 – 2-day trial
  • $9.95 – 7-day trial
  • $34.95 – 30-days
  • $69.95 – 180 days at $11.60 a month
  • $80.04 – 545 days at $6.67 a month (this is the best option!)

I suggest that you take the longest option because it’s more cost-effective. However, if you’re not sure yet, you can do a smaller trial just to see.

Customer Service

Global Personals, LLC owns and operates the website. It’s a pioneer within the sext app business. No other company offers 24/7 customer service like this one, and it’s great.

They’ve met my needs multiple times. Sure, I’ve reached out for help with one thing or another. Ultimately, they know what they’re doing and can assist you.

Hookup Success Warranty

Did I tell you that SweetSext has a warranty? I mean, it basically guarantees that you get a free membership extension if you don’t get laid!

There aren’t many sexting apps that offer this deal. For just that reason itself, you’ve got nothing to lose and should try SweetSext. Head to the member’s area to learn more about the guarantee. This is the real deal!

No Faked Profiles

Another great thing about the network is that there are no fake profiles. Some sites are filled with fakes, so you can’t determine what’s legit. You don’t have that problem with SweetSext.

It has a department to handle that issue and sniffs out the shady profiles, banning whatever they see. Plus, profile verification technology is used here.

Conclusion: Sweet Sext is SWEET! 

Should you try SweetSext? Yes! How could you pass this opportunity?!

I’ve been using the site and other Global Personals sites, like Fling, and when in the mood for some older women, their Milf themed site, they’re truly amazing. For some reason, though, I love SweetSext more than the others.

You get a guarantee, it’s free to register, and the customer service is great. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this SweetSext review. Give it a try and click here to register for free.

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