Has So Many Redirects We Barely Could Get the Hang of It is not going to find any hotties for you. If doing anything, it will make you feel lost in the bunch of nonsensical links that bring you to a new landing page each and every time when you are asked to provide an email or fill out a short survey for your sexual preferences.

After 3 to 4 different redirects we got to the new old screen of after which action the journey finally stopped. Of course, with a fake hookup site with fake profiles that won’t get you laid. Is Really Bad

The Copyright Agent of is Tralox aka Nautell. As you may already know, both companies have been reported on this website for their fraudulent activities.

As much as we like to think that their frauds will sometimes stop, it is not the case with this hookup site because you are taken for a wild ride through at least four bogus dating sites ending up in one of the most deceitful dating places in the whole online dating world.

Why is a Bogus Hookup Site

Apart from taking you to several signup screens, acts like it is entitled to your personal details. But, let’s start from the beginning: Works with Redirects to Confuse You & Collect Your Data

Okay, let me describe the way from to which is the last registration screen. The first place you land via the main link is From there on you need to fill out a few survey fields and provide an email.

But, instead of ending up on a legit dating site, you get redirected again and now reach a new fake site called Here you must fill out a new survey, asking almost the same question. Finally, you end on, which has another name in the link –! Now, if you managed to get the hang of this – congrats!

Virtual Profiles Called “Love Stars” Mess With Your Chat Messages

So, if you thought that is a fair dating site, get ready to think about it again – here is proof of the fake profiles created with the intention to send messages to new users and make them upgrade to get one of the expensive memberships: review Works Within a Fraudulent Network

In the end, here is a reference to a paragraph from the Terms of Use that explains how the company Tralox works in a network of websites. Well, that explains a lot about what we’ve seen here:

Price Tag

Same as the subscription on, because there is where you get redirected!

Busted or Trusted?

No doubt, and with only one short and sweet sentence, is busted multiple times, just to go with the meandering ways of its redirections!

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