Some adult dating sites are so insecure that I find it really scary to navigate and inspect all their features. For example, has redirections to several other links. It also provides a number of contributors, so that you’ll never know where you’re going to land. Because it’s difficult to judge and evaluate the dangers from mixed navigation I’m not really sure what to make of Have a look for yourself and make your own judgment about the links to the other websites.

Naughty Strangers Review

While we were investigating and making the reverse image search on Google in regards to some of the pictures used on are also available for the fake profiles on It’s very likely that these sites are connected to and they create a bunch of fake profiles to fool users. There are no direct regulations about fabricated profiles on this website. It’s not easy to say what are the risks, but we are almost certain that there are fake women on this site.

Why is a Fraud Waiting to Happen

While we didn’t find concise evidence about the fake women there is plenty of proof that the site is totally insecure.

Random Changes to the Privacy Policy

I hate when this happens. Usually, we make the assessment about hookup sites and the likelihood to get casual sex on the basis of the document that is written about the Terms and Conditions. When this document includes random changes that can be made on behalf of the company you never know where you stand. At any given moment in time, this can be changed. You end up out in the void! So, have a look at this screenshot to see how protects this strategy.

Contributors Are Responsible for Their Content

There is a possibility for anyone to join the site and make a contribution. This includes both profile and blog contributors. So, think of like of a platform where anyone can come to and post some content. The contributors are responsible for what they include. The main website has nothing to do with that this. We are looking at another risk factor that puts you in danger. What are your dating prospects if you can’t tell whether you’re engaging with the central website or with some of the contributors? Has No Control Over Contributors’ Posting

Here is confirmation number #2 that the site doesn’t take any accountability for what other contributors, suppliers or third-party partners do on the website. It’s the convenient strategy of offering a platform and making everybody else taking their own share of responsibility without setting precise rules. Under the circumstances, you just joined some sort of social network. There are no clear rules, and anyone can do whatever they want. Keep this in mind when you assess the likelihood of threats or other digital attacks.

Total Privacy Transfer to

Once your content is out there you can say goodbye to it. Think before posting your pictures and your profile description. Pay attention to your communications with others into the open on the Internet. You have no control over what is going to happen to your posted content because you transfer all your rights for further use to Not only that,  but you also transfer the rights if they change the company, such as merge with another or change the name.

How Much is it to Join Naughty Strangers?

  • $29.95 for the monthly fee

Should Naughty Strangers Dating Site Be Trusted?

Sometimes the main danger from a site about casual sex hookups doesn’t come from the fake profiles. Some companies create platforms to link to other websites and redirect the businesses so they can count for new visitors from multiple locations. I believe that’s the main reason to stay away from Also, note that some of the pictures were discovered on other fake websites. This by itself is a reason to think that we’re dealing with another scam. It just works on multiple adult sites and hookup applications.

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