CityXGuide Review: The Escort Forum That Replaced Backpage

In this CityXGuide review, I’ll explain why I don’t think that you’ll have great hookup success on this website. It is made just like,, and the likes, but it also includes anything you can think of in the domain of commercial sex activities. Think of it, you’ll find it on That’s why you need to be extra careful when you’re browsing the section for classified ads. It’s difficult to find your way around it. You can think you’re talking to someone interested in a casual hookup, only to find out minutes later that the girl has a webcam on!

Review of’s Features

The features on include plenty of sex-related stuff and a multitude of third-party links to other websites. So there are numerous chances to waste money. This site is definitely not intended for free dates, though it has a “Meet & Fuck” section. However, this section is not at all about hooking up with random people on the Internet. As you will see below, it links to some of the dubious online dating sites that received poor reviews. I can’t help but be very suspicious about these services. That’s why I compiled all the information in this quick CityXGuide review. Here are the features:

  • Live Sex Cams – links to
  • Sugar Babies – links to
  • Meet & Fuck – links to hookup site
  • Porn Games – links to animation games
  • Post Ads – links to the ad user profile.

There are links to cams, but the escort girls also have random cams on their profiles. Apart from the usual information and the pictures, you can find a contact phone number (no email) and link to a webcam. This is pretty unusual and raises all types of questions whether these girls are genuine escorts or just replacements for ads from fraudulent dating websites.

CityXGuide review random cams 2 CityXGuide review random cams

Links to

I know this milf dating website and it doesn’t have a good standing in my books. In my previous tours and reviews, I placed it among the possible, if not guaranteed scams. One more reason to be very vigilant about and all of it promises for great classified ads!

Escort Sites That Look like Fake Adult Dating Sites

That’s the conclusion I can draw from my tour on CityXGuide. Do a little research yourself in the “Classifieds” section and you’ll see that all posted ads look like escort promos or other commercial dating activities. There’s no place for free casual dating – just moneymakers from every kind! review escort ads look like fake adult dating sites

Even the site forum is only a place for ads. The girls get a free space to share their messages. Therefore, some of them use all that they have at their disposal and pump up the topics with their pics and saucy messages. Lots of freeloaders on and things don’t get better!

CityXGuide review strip clubs

The next tricky thing from my audit is the “Strip Club” section. That’s the only thing that was missing to complete the impression of a rip-off business. If this wasn’t enough for you, just go and check the porn section, which is nothing else but an animated porn game. Sure, you can get laid there, but only on the screen!

The Raids and Sting Operations

Have you heard that police use this site to conduct raids and stings on escort companies? That’s someone that I’ve 100% able to confirm and one thing that you should definitely consider when using this website. I’d say it could lead to a whole lot of trouble if you’re not careful, really.

What All CityXGuide Reviews Lead to

If you can think of a channel to include sex and make money out of it, it’s here! mimics famous escort and classified ads directories. But it is also hunting for users who don’t know how to find great online dates and waste their time on tricky services. Stay away and you won’t be sorry about the wasted money or time!  

Sites Like Cityxguide

Check out the list of sites below which are quite similar to I’ve covered a lot of ground here and they are definitely worth a read if you’re interested in hiring hookers.

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