Escort Babylon Review: The Litmus Test for Scammy Sites

I always have excellent reasons for not using an escort website. My main reason, of course, is that you have to pay. And why would you ever pay for sex when you can find the same for free on hookup sites? It beats me and my rational logic mind. However, if you’re still interested in knowing what is all about, then take a look at the facts and figures I have prepared in this Escort Babylon review.

Escort Babylon Review: ListCrawler Backup

When suspicious escort websites advertise their services they tend to include one or two backup domain solutions. In case the main site goes down, the copies take over. From the quick time of using the site to conduct the review for my personal use, it seems that Escort Babylon is only a cover-up for ListCrawler. I will elaborate more about the ListCrawler in another dedicated review. Here, let’s stick to Escort Babylon. 

What You Need to Watch Out for on Escort Babylon

Interestingly, I learned that the site links to a completely different escort resource. On the main website, there is not much info. There is only a search bar, a list of cities to choose from, and three types of reviews which don’t work. So the only thing that you can actually use is the city location drop-down menu. Even if you try to type something in the search bar you won’t get very far. No results show up. As far as the locations are concerned, you have the options for Canada, United States, Australia and Oceania, and the United Kingdom. They are all English-speaking countries.

The next step is choosing the city. I tried to check my options for Denver, Colorado because this is where I usually spend my time. I know most about dating in this city area. (However, I also travel for work and know many details about other cities, as well, especially about Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York – and a few bits and pieces about Vegas).

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Now, let me explain to you in more detail why I don’t like (to be kind) or literally hate (to be honest) some things about Escort Babylon


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Questionable Profiles?

When you enter via ListCrawler, you see pornlike pictures of the escort that you have clicked on. Many girls are Spanish so you don’t understand what is going on on the profile. This means that you expose yourself to dangerous risks – from money frauds to stealing your personal information, and messing up with the law. As you may well know, hiring an escort is not supported by law enforcement. So, that’s your minimum trouble. 

Typical Escort Issues (Babylon or elsewhere)

Additionally, it is really easy to get a nasty bug and STD. You don’t want to engage in sex with professional girls who meet with every average Joe out there. It’s really hard to protect yourself. Escorts have hundreds of clients. If you don’t believe me, just read all the escorts reviews that I’ve published here on ADP. 

If they’re in the low and medium rate range, they meet clients per hour. And that lovely-sounding name escort is a mask for something completely else. You don’t need me to tell you or to spell it out for you! Maybe you can experiment in countries where prostitution is legal. But it is not legal in most countries in the world, including the US. So beware about meeting with girls for paid sex. 

Scammy Paid Links

Another problem I have with Escort Babylon is the links to low-quality adult content sites and live cam sites. I wonder if any of these escort girls are for real. Are they just cover-ups for you to spend your hard-earned money in some cam room on tokens? Or just whacking the walrus on some porn star girl where you have fallen into the trap and paid for video content? Categorically, NO.

Conclusion about Escort Babylon

Don’t be too quick to jump in and fall for the pretty sexy pictures of the girls you see on Escort Babylon. If you still decide to use escorts that’s not any of my business. But you should do it where it is actually allowed. I can’t really find any good reason for you to get into a legal mess when you can get the same stuff for free on free hook-up resources. I’d ditch escort websites forever. In my personal opinion, they are nothing else but money extortion schemes and fake profiles for you to buy video content or cam coins.

Sites Like Escort Babylon

Did you know there are TONS of other escort sites out there (that you’ll want to avoid) and I’ve covered a lot of them on my site. Check out the posts linked below before using any of them.

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