Twomance Review: Virtual Reality Dating

Navigating through the world of adult dating online is hard. Scams are around every corner. What can a man (or a woman) do to avoid scams and find a decent place for casual sex and have cool and relaxed weekends? Not much, except for reading online reviews to find out the truth about the plethora of casual dating sites. You never know when you will it a pot of gold and when you will dig out a bag of dirt. Today’s Twomance review promises to protect you from all scams encountered on this dating website. 

Twomance Review for Casual Dating Beginners

I call this review a report for beginners because a casual dating veteran will spot the scam from miles away. Okay, maybe not by only opening the homepage of this website. But for sure after scanning the documents, including the Terms and Conditions, and the sitemap links.

So how come people don’t spot the fake features on websites and fall for scams? Well, you’d be surprised to learn about all ways hookup, escort, and adult dating sites use to scam users. And you don’t need to go anywhere else but dig some of the reviews on Adult Dating Patrol. I cannot stop policing.

But this Twomance review was short and to the point because it was revealing the truth from the first reading of the Terms and Conditions.

Fictional Profiles – Twomance Entertainers

You can create public or private profiles on Twomance. But the site also creates fictional profiles. I have spoken of fictional profiles many times before. In fact, this is so ubiquitous that it is the #1 common scam used by fake casual dating sites to attract more people by engaging them in fake chats.

Admit it, when you are horny, how can you tell that you are talking to a real woman if the profile has nice sexy pictures? You fall straight for them, and then wonder how come she never returned your messages. Well, to avoid that, read the T&C on fake dating sites and learn the truth once and for all:

Selling Virtual Credits for What Exactly?

As the story goes, only basic registration is available for the free memberships. To engage more, you need to buy virtual stuff, in the case of Twomance, that is virtual credits. You can purchase them in packs, and here are the options for buying virtual credits on

I never support using paid memberships when you can sign up for free adult dating websites. I have given advice about doing so so many times before, and I stand by my opinion in this Towmance review, as well!

Finalizing the Report

If you follow my reports about casual hookups sites, you know that fictional profiles, regardless of the shape they will take are a big no-no. Call them cuties, fantasy stars, fictional entertainers, and so on, the truth behind them is one and the same: you have no chance of meeting them.

So, unless you want to spend hours online and never get the real deal, then fine. Be my guest and registers for If you want to make your Fridays and Saturdays all exciting, consider joining a real adult dating site

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