Whispark Review: Is It a Double Whammy?

This site looks like a totally legitimate casual dating website that even has a social responsibility section. It claims it brings people together and cares for the members who need casual or more serious connections (think eHarmony.com). I’m lost. I don’t want to say that I know what is the meaning behind all this I’m not quite sure but it’s definitely not something that will deliver the promises. That is why I need to do my research – Let’s see what is so weird about Whispark. It is all explained in the following Whispark review.

Whispark Review: Casual or Serious?

Ok, the first weird thing about Whispark is that it doesn’t look like an adult dating website. Although it claims it is dedicated to casual dating on the home page, that’s not the complete truth.

In fact, if you look at the description of the site section about their main goal, it says that it exists to deliver meeting opportunities to all kinds of people. This includes long-term relationships. Sounds good and normal, right?

But not if you do a little research and find out what all hiding behind this nice and pretty picture of casual dating and care about everyone else in the world.

Fake Profiles, Chats, and Messages

The problem with Whispark (as with many other casual dating websites that don’t have many members) is that they have fake profiles. The existence of fake profiles is the main factor that creates poor ratings.

Now, these fake profiles don’t necessarily need to be made by people who create fake profiles about themselves. They are often computer-generated software to recreate the illusion of activity, more members, and a large member database. So when it looks like many men and women chatting and sharing interests in a vibrant community, that is a mirage.

Another problem with Whispark is that they have a fake chat. You expect that you’re sharing messages with a real person but you’re actually talking to a bot. Additionally, your inbox will be flooded with messages. And they are also not real.

What happens is you think that you’re talking to real women when in fact you’re just communicating with software. You are living in your own little bubble with no chances of ever getting laid. Not to mention having a fling or doing something more like having a serious relationship.

Why Pay on Whispark.com when You Can Hook up For Free?

On the other hand, I can’t say that these features are free. You have to pay. And why do that? Why waste money on buying virtual love letters, chat messages, and gifts to end nowhere? If you have extra money to spend at least spend them on advanced features.

The point behind buying virtual gifts is just to spend more money and hope for the next lucky break that is around the corner. And it never comes! You don’t need to do this at all if you join a free adult dating website that doesn’t ask you for money unless you want to use their premium feature. Because there is not much else to say about Whispark, I leave you with a final report that it’s not worth it.

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