Why the Heck AFF Still Rips Off Its Members? XDating.com Scam Explained

Do you want to find hot dates in a breeze? Do you want to get laid without wasting your time on expensive cafeterias, night clubs and driving for miles to get to a relaxed and casual place where people are up for some sexy fun? Many people do, and this is why they get duped by fraudulent dating providers that abuse this desire to lure people into paid upgrades. When the letter X is in the name of a dating website, people know it is not a question of regular dating, but that they’ve got into the business of adult casual dating. Unfortunately, XDating.com is not one of those services. It is just a rip-off.


XDating.com is very much like XPersonals.com and XMeets.com – it doesn’t take a dating master to notice the scam. It is obvious that the creator of these adult dating services is one and the same. The only thing that is different is the second part of the title and the description of the services. This is how DG International works, and if you haven’t noticed that by now, then you might be either really horny or too stressed out to notice a difference. This is why we are never asleep and always investigate dating services in detail. Below are the results of our investigation.

Why is XDating.com a Fraudulent Dating Site

  • X Dating just sells premium upgrades.

This is a secret that becomes evident once you try to like another member, see her photos, send a tweet in the member area or just get active. When you register, you must confirm your email. This is what we did. Then, we tried sending a message to one of the users that “liked” us. Normally, this was impossible without an upgrade which costs about $30 per month, Here are the rest of the possible subscriptions.

X Dating paid memberships

  • XDating.com is an AFF associate.

Apart from the other services, there is a drop-down menu on XDating.com that is named “Meet & Fuck”. This was pretty suspicious – why would anyone put another dating service into an already existing dating site? As it turned out, this is only because XDating.com is a copy of Adult Friend Finder, the well-known suspicious service. XDating.com has just a different interface, while the member’s database is the same.

X Dating AFF

  • Your premium fees will not be standard.

This is how your membership goes: when you register, you get a promotional package for a specific premium price with a discount. you automatically get accustomed to the same package and agree to renewals. However, the fees may all of a sudden change and you may not be aware of that. This is yet another proof of a huge rip-off.

X Dating premium membership changes

  • Your personal information will be monitored.

This is not a great promise of a discreet, private and secure dating service provider. It looks like you have someone at your back all the time. Would you feel relaxed under such circumstances? This site wants to keep safe while delivering nothing of a kind to its customers.

X Dating profile monitoring

  • Third-party fees on XDating.com are your responsibility.

When a fee occurs that is not charged by the site itself, you must open your eyes, because site partners may include unexpected extra charges. Here, you are on your own. You must take care of all your fees by yourself. The site does not provide any support.

X Dating third party payments

Price Tag

  • $19.98 per month for a three-month membership
  • $14.95 per month for a six-month membership
  • $29.95 per month for a monthly membership

Busted or Trusted

After explaining all this, we don’t think there is much else to say about the scam at XDating.com. If you know the answer to the question in the title, do let us know, because we can’t stop wondering what is wrong with these repetitive, copied scams. It seems that there are always genuine, honest people out there who don’t pay too much attention to how dating providers operate and trust everyone. We hope that this review will help many people avoid XDating.com and its deceitful methods.

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  1. I know the answer to your question. People are naive and fall for this so easily. I sometimes feel sorry for them. Open your eyes guys!


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