XPersonals.com Adult Dating Scam Explained in Fewer than 700 Words

XPersonals.com is a dating site allegedly working perfectly for people who want an easy way into adult dating. Wouldn’t you want to find just the right person for a sex date in a jiffy? Who wouldn’t want to fall for the promise of such a quick hookup? While it would be nice if this were true, we discovered that XPersonals.com is just another subsite of Local Booty using the same old tricks. Now we have them exposed.

Authenticity of XPersonals

Forget about authenticity on XPersonals.com. The only thing that is authentic is the home page and that screen is way different than the Local Booty screen. It looks much better, it has better testimonials and more advanced features. Images look more professional. Overall, the site feel is a few classes better than it actually is. Just as you fill in your personal details, it becomes clear that you have joined the same member directory used at Local Booty. This is not the only problem with XPersonals.com, though. Read below to find out more,

Why is XPersonals.com Yet Another Online Dating Scam

Here is an overview of several fraudulent and unprofessional aspects of this site:

  • You agree to transfer all your privacy rights to XPersonals.com.

Say goodbye to privacy about anything you post on XPersonals.com. Not only will you transfer the rights to your information to the root site, but you will also sell yourself to Local Booty. The scam doesn’t stop there – you will be sold to other service providers that collaborate with the site:

X Personals privacy sharing

  • There is no chance of a refund on XPersonals.com.

By signing to the Terms and Conditions of the site, you are agreeing to their no-refund policy. Apart from the worse customer relationship management, this is perhaps illegal. All extra charges and fees are non-refundable, too.

X Personals no refund

  • XPersonals.com is just the same as XMeets.cm.

On several occasions before, we have exposed the works of Local Booty. They continue using the same member database to compel new people with new taste into their network. It is not only ineffective but may also be expensive. In particular, if you try to get memberships on more than one site:

X Personals is Local Booty

  • The site uses fake images for members.

Finally, let’s look into something very critical about the girl’s profiles. We found out that XPersonals.com places photos of people who are not actual site members. Either that or people use fake profiles to stalk, and we are not sure which is worse! These both dishonest practices pose a risk to user safety.

Have a look at NiCoLe62’s photo below:

X Personals image search

By doing a reverse image search, we linked the image to several other selfie sites that have nothing to do with adult dating, XPersonals.com or LocalBooty.com.

X Personals fake images


Price Tag

You must upgrade to one of the following:

  • Monthly membership for $29.95 per month
  • Quarterly membership for $19.98 per month

Busted or Trusted

This is not the first occasion on which we have busted Local Booty. Luckily, it is the new scam exposure related to XPersonals.com. The greatest worth from this investigation performed by the ADP team is that you will also be able to see right through new scams connected with the basic. Just follow the process described here and you will find out what is true, and what is not.

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