The Scam Explained in 3 Screenshots

Yet again we review a website that goes the long way to making a great first impression and doesn’t follow up on the promises. looks so awesome, that you may think those gorgeous blondes that are suffering in a boring marriage are waiting just for you to get laid. Well, as it turned out, is another partnering service associated with similar websites, such as Hookup or Get an


This review for our followers was not that complicated for me, because I just recently had the chance to go over one of the partnering sites, so having to investigate the same system all over again was part an easy task, and part the Groundhog’s Day, which if you have watched the movie with the same name is not such a great fun. Still, I don’t want you to miss on anything or fall for a catchy hot home screen, so let me cut it short for you – will not get you an affair, but it will get you plenty of possibilities for insecure transactions.

Why is a Fraudulent Dating Site

  • The site uses staff profiles that send computer-generated content.

The staff profiles are fake women which have profile descriptions and even photos, and who work on the site to lure subscribers into upgrades. Let me tell you that this is one of the most successful tactics for getting the scam to work because it is based on the age-old psychological trick of loose thinking when you are already played into the sex chat game. The fake women send prepared messages that target user’s soft spots.

Screenshot #1

Affair Dating custom messages

  • sells your profiles to partner sites.

With the justification to enable more dating opportunities to its users, the website will create duplicate profiles across the company and use your information to create bigger member directories or more than one online location. If you ask me, this is an apparent see-through fake method to use real people for the business, and not let the business serve to the people:

Screenshot #2

Affair Dating duplicate profiles

  • You pay an additional fee for SMS communication.

Will the rip off ever stop? If you go through the subscription, you will notice that it is by no means free. It is also pricey unless you catch the promotional 30% discount offer. On top of the basic “free membership” scam, you additionally need to buy the SMS service. Why would you want to do that, when you already have alternative communication channels? This only looks like an original way to get more money out of your pockets.

Screenshot #3

Affair Dating SMS fees

Price Tag

  • $0.99 a day for the three-day version
  • $0.91 a day for the one-month subscription
  • $0.51 a day for the three-month subscription
  • $0.41 a day for the six-month subscription

Busted or Trusted

Hold your horses close when it comes to finding a hot date of As presented with proofs via these screenshots, honest dates are nowhere to be found on this site – most of the profiles are virtually created by employees, and most of the messages are software generated and sent to a bunch of new users all at once. These deceptive services know which phrases and word combos work. I believe that I have saved at least several dozens of you who have taken the time to go through this checkup.

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