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French women have that special kind of allure and when they even older women, they can be something exquisite for those who love dating milfs and cougars.  And that the French language can be really sexy, so I totally dig you if you’ve fallen for and now you are wondering if it is real or a scam. Well, don’t be so quick to be happy because I have discovered plenty of reasons to worry during my investigation of So, and I would like you to avoid paying hundreds of dollars a month by joining a site whose ToU language you don’t even understand.


French is not my language, too, so I got cautious while reading that the site documents have been translated from French and that in a case of a conflict in interpretation, the French version is the valid one. That is not my only reason to worry – the rest relates to the massively expensive subscriptions that are a scam and a rip-off in disguise that include mobile application services which cost extra and dubious fees that have unclear length provisions and can be easily played in favor of the site. For illustration purposes only, here is the offer included in the Gold subscription:

  • 30 priority presentations of your profile
  • Unlimited webcam chat
  • Send and read unlimited text messages
  • Unlimited contact requests and profile visit
  • Surprise gift with a value of $143.07

Still, you need to read the offer in more detail once you decide to join – especially the rip-off secret which is hidden in the small print.

Why is a Fake Dating Service

  • You must pay extra to access from a mobile phone.

Here is the quote from the site that explains that to get mobile access, you must create an account on the platform, and for that, you need to pay. Since when mobile apps become exclusive? Most good quality websites offer this service for free;

“The services subscribed from a mobile application in integrated purchase are subject to the present terms and conditions, as well as the terms and conditions of the purchase platform for mobile applications to obtain the application, the invoicing conditions, the payment and renewal terms of the service(s). It also means that an account must be created on that platform to enable the application download.”

Here is almost the same reasoning in a screenshot:

So Cougar mobile app

  • All regulations are interpreted in French. 

This can pose a real problem if you need to understand something precisely and you fail to understand properly, such as the subscription fees. Hell, even I am not sure that I got those right since there are so many provisions, I couldn’t get hang of them 100%. French is sexy,  but not so in law!

So Cougar French

  • There are extra fees in the APP store.

Not much explanation needed for the iPhone costs – beware of the payments below:

So Cougar App store

  • has confusing subscription fees.

So, if you think that you understand the fees below now that I’ve told you my story from the tour at, please go ahead and explain them to the rest of us, because I am totally stunned and in awe of the last provision at the end of the credit card payment screen (note: the fees in the Price Tag section are included in the initial offer, so don’t base your membership on those):

So Cougar real fees

Price Tag

  • $41.99 Gold subscription offered for 30 days
  • $39.99 Silver subscription offered for 15 days
  • $38.99 Bronze subscription offered for 7 days

Busted or Trusted is so busted. And if I could say that in French, I would, but for now I will leave that out to our followers who speak French – if there is anyone who can confirm my suspicions about the confusing fees, please go ahead and spread your wisdom and knowledge in the comments section – can pull off a nasty French trick!

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