How is Trying to Fool You: Online Flirts Scam

The adult dating company that uses the X Factor trick is ready to pull another scam. The process is nothing different than the one they have dropped in the past. This time, the difference is that there is another name that is pulling the wool over the eyes of the customers. It is worth explaining once again how is going to trick you and rip you off while you’re hoping to get laid and have some sexy online fun.


Unfortunately, has nothing special to offer and is deploying the traditional scammers’ tactics including fictitious profiles, misusing your private data to multiply your profile information as well as charging you to chat and communicate with other members. The trick is to cajole you into becoming a member, promising free usage and then charge you when you get hooked to the chats from the virtual women. Make sure to keep in mind and remember that these women that you see on the landing p, as well as those in the members’ area, ea are not real. If you read the documents, you will quickly comprehend this fact. However if you’re a quick to jump into communicating then you may be easily fooled.

Why is Online Dating Scam not only sells its basic products and services, but it also includes additional adult products, for example sex cams. Sex scams are so alike the members area that you can easily mistake a cam girl for a profile from the waiting area.

Beware the Online Webcams

If you have already registered and you’re reading this review, then you’re going to understand the similarity easier. However, if you haven’t, make sure to note everything about the picture of the girl you’re talking to exclude any potential scams with webcams. If you are too horny you may mix a real girl with a cam girl.

X Naughty fake profiles Uses Fictitious Profiles Called Online Flirts

Online Flirts are computer bots created by software. Software produces countless versions of these profiles, attaches fake pictures to them and populates the members’ area so that the visitors get an impression that is full of hot and willing girls that are looking to get laid. They start communicating, chatting, sending sexy messages and make you feel like you’re the only guy in the world. This is only true until you try to arrange a real date. Then you remember that says it is only there for entertainment purposes, and that no real date will ever take place between you and these online flirts:

X Naughty online flirts

You Grant Royalty-Free License to the Site

You may be aware that the whenever you subscribe to a site, you have to give them some right or license to manage your data so that they’re able to sell you the services or arrange everything that is related to the product. However, here it is a different story. As is an adult dating site you’re giving intimate, personal, and private information and you’re uploading photos. You must be aware that when you’re subscribing to this site and uploading your information you’re actually granting the license to to use your information in any way that they need for the site purposes. This is crucial when you are selecting what information you put out there. Keep it low profile and give the necessary minimum. Otherwise, you’re exposing yourself to great risks.

X Naughty royalty free rights

Price Tag

  • $29.95 for a one-month subscription
  • $59.95 for a three-month subscription
  • $89.70 for a six-month subscription

Busted or Trusted?

We already have all facts on record which are associated with the X Factor fraud.  This new review will not be a surprise to the team of Adult Dating Patrol. It is just another confirmation of what we have known for ages. If you need more persuasion or additional facts about the methods of the company that stands behind X, you can read the reviews related to, or There are slight differences between these adult dating websites, but the scam essence in all the same.

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