One Major Mistake About You Are Making Right Now

It’s nice to have an “F” buddy for booty calls whenever you get horny and even nicer if you can do it online without spending too much trouble with real dating, finding out the right place to get out or just putting all the effort necessary for a date to result in getting laid. However, when you do it online on adult dating sites, you definitely don’t want to pay more than what you would have paid for a real-life date. We, with virtual gifts as presented at there is definitely a chance for that.


It isn’t that we haven’t seen virtual gifts as a payment method before, but they’re wrapped up in a nice package on The design looks really decent and from what is presented on the front page, it is difficult to guess that you may be dealing with profiles that are not genuine or that you have been targeted for marketing communications. It always takes a bit more digging to uncover the nasty truth connected with the workings of these fake hookup applications.

Why is a Suspicious Adult Dating Website

Therefore why is suspicious about in dating website there is plenty and representing here only the crucial ones. Provides no Hookup Guarantee

Let’s start with the critical moment – the purpose of this adult dating website. When comparing adult dating websites, the first thing that comes to mind is its purpose. What’s the point of creating a hookup site when there is no chance to get laid by becoming a member? is created for entertainment purposes and the company itself warns you against having great expectations about the potential for one night stands. The site is only for entertainment, you can meet various types of people here, you can get into insecure communications and there is a chance that you will meet people that are not genuine. So, there is a great likelihood of fabricated profiles.

casual lounge non-genuine services and entertainment

Then again, that’s not the only problem of Did you know that the site is a part of a greater scam that is a part of a network about dating sites? They’re called associated websites and they’re used namely for promoting your dating prospects. All your data, including your profile description and your images, will be used on the rest of the websites to increase your hooking up chances, but is this really so?  The point is that the company expands its business by creating new ways of attracting inexperienced users.

f-buddy asociate webisites

Extra Payments, Virtual Gifts and Third-Party Risks

In addition, the site is unfortunately not at all free. This is a classic catch used on the landing page to create a sense of free use. New subscribers fall for this thing – thinking that there is nothing they need to pay for dating. However, when they provide their details and try communicating with members on the search page, it becomes obvious that they have to pay. On, you need to pay the basic subscription and some extras.

F-Buddy subscription

The dangers to your privacy are not originating only from the network websites. includes links to third-party providers which use different policies and have different tactics of dealing with their customers. Therefore you need to check them separately. If you rely on the Terms and Conditions which are valid for the main site you can have big problems along the way. What’s more important is that these type of hookup sites usually process their payments and delegate their services via third-party providers. Therein lies the greatest problem.

f-buddy third-party links

Not to mention the offer of unnecessary services for which you need to pay extra such as virtual gifts. They are charged with credits. Virtual gifts Rachel are nothing else but a way to pay more for general communication. Literally, anything can be put under the label of virtual gift and set to extort additional money.

F-Buddy virtual gifts

Price Tag

  • 12 months costs £11.59 per month
  • 6 months costs £16.50 per month
  • 3 months costs £21.67 per month
  • 1 month costs £37.00

Busted or Trusted?

There are many mistakes associated with One major aspect that you must not overlook is connected with additional payments. Many users forget checking out the correct way they’re being charged on their credit cards. When they get into the world of adult dating and start chatting up, they forget themselves and pay too much. Keep this in mind and you will be able to avoid larger damages to your budget as well as understand the principles of how false hookup apps work.

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