Your Worst Nightmare About Come to Life

Basically, when you join, you become their property. Let me be a bit more clear about what I mean by that. They put his huge list of rights and licenses that you grant them, included in the Terms and Conditions document on the site and you are agreeing to that just as you join the site. It s always best to read the regulations on any site that you join, but I know that you don’t do that. However, that is why we exist and here is our feedback on


Let us just give you a list of reasons of how keeps you hooked as their commodity so that might be a good starting point to not turn your life into a nightmare as the possibility for that with this site is high:

  • Distribution of content you make, even on partnering sites
  • Acceptance of adverts posted by this website
  • Granting account access to investigate issues
  • Monitoring of your content or communication
  • Termination of your access at their convenience
  • Contacting other users
  • Access to your social network data, location and contacts

Why is a Fake Dating Service

Here are the three main reasons why your membership on can turn into a nightmare:

#1 – fakes that only real people exist on this site

They claim to use only real people and that they avoid virtual fake profiles. However, that is not the truth at all. This snapshot is from the landing page before you join the site and give your information to the service. Naturally, it comes with all nice marketing bits and pieces and is presented to users wrapped up in a nice package, so that you don’t actually notice the scam right from the beginning. But, go straight to the next point to see why is this a lie:


Shagtogether real people only.

#2 – User Profiles take the role of virtual profiles

As you can see, the previous statement is just a nasty lie – you can call fake profiles whatever you want, when they do the same function, the name is less important than the content. They still perform the same task as any other fabricated profiles on other sites. Moreover, just look at the wording they use:“we do not create virtual profiles, but we create user profiles and put a photo next to them” – I am not sure even where to start with this twisted wording because it sounds like they are talking to small children:

Shagtogether user profiles

#3 – You must pay extra for SMS services.

On top of the basic (expensive) membership rates, you must also pay for SMS services, so be careful if you don’t want to use them or you want to keep that annoying staff “user profile” away from you, and away from your wallet:

Shagtogether SMS fees

Price Tag

  • $4.07 for a three-day membership
  • $35.64 for a one-month membership
  • $59.79 for a three-month membership
  • $93.86 for a six-month membership

Busted or Trusted is working against your best interest in many ways. It is definitely not a service that creates a user-friendly environment or affordable services. The design is really nice, and therein lies the huge trap that most users fall for. Be particularly careful with rates for additional services and with discounts that may last only for a while and then go up.

3 thoughts on “Your Worst Nightmare About Come to Life”

  1. My name and my pictures are on this fake dating site but I’ve never been on any dating sites and someone is chatting with people pretending to be me. What can I do about this? It is affecting my job and my marriage.


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