My Suspicions About & What Can You Do to Inspect Them

Do I have my reasons to suspect the genuine nature of Indeed I do, though there is plenty about this site that looks genuine and authentic. In fact, many of the regular relevant moments that are associated with adult dating scams were missing from There wasn’t even the standard upgrade trick which is a mandatory part of most scams. You can use communication channels for free, so, what was so fishy about this hookup site that didn’t leave me to rest? Let’s take a tour and see.


You don’t need to agree with everything that I share about I appreciate the input of other members. It helps me correct my own judgment or point out something that I have missed. In the case of this particular dating site, there were less suspicious features than normal. It seemed that I couldn’t find a problem. Apart from the fact that I didn’t manage to get laid and had zero success with arranging a hookup. The signup process is terribly long. Additionally, the commercial profiles added to were my greatest issue. This is why I am pointing most of my attention to that in the next section.

Issues with We Have Explored

The registration on is for free. And, you can get into the communication for free. Even when you go for an upgrade of the services and obtain a VIP membership, you will not be charged. I found this moment a bit weird. It hints to a fact that it is free because you are getting nothing for it. And that it only exists there so that you get to the other commercial dating platforms once you fail getting laid on Well, for a moment of truth, my inbox was not flooded with too many fake messages, but I couldn’t get rid of the fake commercial as seen on porn sites.

Fake Profiles that Lead to Other Hookup Sites

Here is the visual presentation of the so-called chat invitations. Do you find any resemblance with other fake women profiles found on sites with adult movies? Beats me. Both Sarah and Ashley led me on to other hookup sites. Here is the link to Sarah’s message and the link to Ashley’s message. So, instead of dating on, I got redirected on ZugNug.

naughty find fake womannaughty find fake woman 2

Third-party Links to Commercial Dating

As you can notice from the screen below, the real paid dating takes place at ZugNug. It was taken for an additional tour to confirm my suspicions if this platform, but I am almost positive that is the reason for my poor success on

Naughty Find Zug Nug

As a reference, the site has links to member databases by state, provides multiple features for flirting and has clear profiles. The long signup really ruins its effects, though.

Price Tag is free. There is a VIP membership, but there is no credit card upgrade screen or additional payments. I would appreciate members’ input on this aspect. Did you get laid on

Busted or Trusted?

As I couldn’t confirm my suspicions about’s fakery, I leave it to the followers to make the final verdict on this adult dating sites. Regardless of the vibe of authenticity, I am still not convinced that this is a legit dating site. Share your comments and opinions to reach the final conclusion. This is an open call!

5 thoughts on “My Suspicions About & What Can You Do to Inspect Them”

  1. I could not get past the profile part.Spent half an hour saying who I was,what I was looking for,ect
    Filled everything out.Pushed complete button.Took be back to sign in page.Signed in.1st page info was there,wrnt to second page, the one where I spent half an hour.ERASED.Was going to have to start over.Said goodbye

  2. I did have some success talking with ladies on there and then went onto other media platforms like WhatsApp, kick and Hangout. I would say it is to about 25% successful. The other 75% are usually scams i.e fake profiles. Usually from African Nations like Nigeria or Ghana. Ladies from eastern European countries like Poland, Ukraine or Russia are the most likely genuine persons. That is my impression. One just has to weed them out.


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