Adult Dating is One Big Fraud

For NSA relationships, online dating is awesome. Hell, that is even why I use adult dating sites and why this website exists. I guess is throwing the catch for this well-known known fact. I wouldn’t be surprised as it is working very well and on multiple websites. Look further to see how this make-believe site fools people to pay all that the site offers.


There is no chance that is authentic. From my experience, three companies with different names work with the same interface and features. Regardless of the various names, they look almost the same and utilize the same scam. I am talking about Bulova, Nelfor and Together networks. For example, is associated with Together Networks. But, take a tour around the site and check out the other reviews related to the other three companies to see what you are up for – a huge scam. They look almost exactly identical. True, there are slight differences which will not become obvious at first sight, but they are instantly visible to someone experienced.

I went through the Terms and Conditions and noticed that 80 percent of the features are the same. That’s not the problem. The problem is that they are fake. And here is why.

Why is a False Hookup Site sells custom and promoted messages – namely, with the intention to help you.

Promo and Custom Messages

You know what’s the kind of help you are getting from’s automatic messages? You start a communication to meet someone and get laid by using a few of these. Will you really get laid? I don’t think so! The content is monitored and it can be changed at any time, so if you expect success, you must join some other site. To use the promotional messages on this false hookup site, you need to get a premium membership.

One night friend paid services

Additional Fees in the iTunes Store

Be very careful when you go and buy the hookup app from the iTunes store. Completely different fees and rules will apply to your subscription. The fees are in any case unclear. Separate fees are stated on the back page, and you will see a different offer on the credit card page. It seems that, somehow, you are never clear with how much you need to pay on

Again – Extra Fees for SMS Packages

Here’s an additional note for users from Australia – there is a special SMS package for them that will cost them bonus payments. Also, there are excessive fees for some “date boosters” which allegedly provide more hooking up opportunities. On the other hand, the site is created for entertainment purposes only. So, how exactly will you know that your success is a result of the extra payments? There is no way to tell that! Watch out or you will leave with a hole in your pocket!

Fake Activity Alerts which Resemble the Real Deal

The service sends hooks in the form of Activity Alerts – promotional messages by the site. If you want to read them, you need to upgrade. So, that’s the same old scam with virtual messages that have nothing to do with real persons. These alerts are really annoying because you keep receiving them, and you are unable to reply. Yes, it all becomes clear that once you get to that point!

Price Tag

  • $4.47 = three-day trial
  • $34.99 = one-month subscription
  • $59.96 = three-month subscription
  • $95.94 = six-month subscription

Busted or Trusted?

There is a chance that all fake hookup sites from Bulova, from Nelfor and from Together Networks are made by the same company. Do I have a proof of this? Not yet, but I will keep on looking. Until I get there, compare them and get to your own conclusion. Then, post it in the comments so that we all benefit.

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