Nautell Pulls Off Another Typical Scam With

   no comments   ReviewsScams is on today’s agenda for investigation. We suspect it will not take very long until we complete this review because many signs point put to a nasty scam. Above all, if you have a look at the poor interface, you will recognize the half-professional design. The only professional element as far as Nautell is concerned is their ability to duplicate the same fraudulent workings on a plethora of adult dating sites. By now, they will have been exposed by anyone and everyone, and they still exist, against all odds!

Authenticity is designed to look much better on smartphones than it looks on a desktop. Since we are doing the reviews on desktop computers, it is much easier when a site for hookup personals has poorly designed and fake features. Many of the small bits and pieces that don’t work on small screens are visible on larger screens. In any case, for the team at Adult Dating Patrol, it doesn’t take much to confirm the scammy work of Nautell – they have already been put in the black book, and they will very hardly likely ever leave it!

Why is Illegitimate Hookup App

It seems that the web community is sharing the opinion of the poor features of

Google Search Reveals Low-Quality Feedback for

Plenty of the online reviewers of adult dating sites agree that is a make-believe dating resource that works with fabricated profiles and is not at all free as it promises to be in the name. Top search results reveal many false elements related to this site. If you look at the reviews yourself one by one, you will uncover many of the false elements associated with this hookups site.

Sharing an online common opinion is one of the best proofs of the fake works of online hookup sites. Here is a visual proof of those reviews, but it is normally best to read the full reviews to get the full scope of the truth.

Apart from the poor online feedback, here are the aspects you should keep in mind on to keep yourself safe. Keep these warnings handy for all websites in the Nauetll network:

  • False free claims for the subscription
  • Extra unplanned charges on the credit card
  • Poor third-party privacy protection
  • Promotional messages created by software
  • False profiles used only for entertainment

Unreal Profiles of Women Populate the Members’ Area of

The women here are all fake. It doesn’t take a lot of magic or skill to see that. It only takes for users to read the Terms and Conditions and they will get the idea! But, unfortunately, not many people do that, and that is how they dig their own hole in their membership and help the scam happen. If you are not careful, you can think that the profiles are real, start chatting them up and get into an expensive upgrade.

This is exactly the goal of the Love Stars – they only serve to advance the financial gain of and do nothing for the users:

Price Tag

Apart from the basic monthly subscription, your membership will be automatically upgraded to additional monthly fees for a total amount of almost $100:

  • $39.61 monthly fee for a VIP membership
  • $28.87 per month for a

Busted or Trusted? is one of the worst hookup apps for one night stands – it is not even a beautifully made website or with additional features that can somehow attract all those new users. Yet, it works well and still gets victims onboard. This is why you should not take any of the subscriptions on, not even the cheapest one. This false hookup app does is not approved by this review.

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