The Scam About Exposed in This Review is a site for those who are already paired but who don’t seem to be in the blossoming period of their marriages. Many people, after years of being together, fall stuck in a rut. Their sexual lives suffer. That is when most of them turn into looking alternatives for having fulfilling sexual lives. Casual online dating is an exceptional alternative for the majority. It should be simple, fast, discreet and private – right? It should be, but it is not always so. Such is the situation in This is a scam that exploits the challenging situation of married people and tricks them into a fraud.


It didn’t take much digging that to find out that it is a branch associated with Horny Matches. Horny Matches is another fraudulent dating service which will be a part of our reviews very soon. It lacks serious privacy regulations and does not offer any user protection, payment security or advanced support tools. On the contrary, it states blatantly that members are on their own. It also warns them that they can be a target of other scammers or tricksters. A warning sounds like avoiding accountability – many top class adult dating sites have stronger protection and continually try to make their members feel at ease and safe.

Why is an Online Dating Scam

It is not only us – there is plenty of evidence already online put by other people who agree that is a huge scam. Let’s go step by step and review what people say and what ADP says:

  • has a serious number of poor online reviews.

When the dating community shares an opinion, you can’t just stop and remain silent to their experience. There are people who say “that married women certainly don’t hang around here, even if they are somewhere else”, ” there are several things you need to know before you start exploring this site”, even statements such as  “we wouldn’t marry these women” and so forth. Regardless of the personal opinion and lack of good behavior related to some of these statements, is rarely connected to positive experiences.

Married & Lonely People terms reviews

  • Your premium discounted rate may be changed at any time.

When you sign in you usually do so under an initial plan which has a discount. if you are not careful about the changes in the site (and further you will see why is this very possible) you will easily end up with 200 percent more than what you bargained for.

Married & Lonely People terms premium rates

  • Privacy Policy is changed ad hoc.

Here is why the discounted subscription may be raised at any time, and why if this happens, it will be the least of your worries. You actually must come back to the site to check changes yourself – you will not get an email if that’s what you hoped for:

Married & Lonely People terms changes

  • does not guarantee your security.

Instead of hanging out and meeting hot new people, you must take care of security. Without a support team, this dating site is just a huge potential for online scams.

Married & Lonely People no security guarantee

  • The site is just a subsidiary directory for

Horny Matches as a name is more famous among online daters. As another scam, it lives successfully for many years and people still fall for it. As you can see, not only it lives, but it creates new ways of money extortion from poor adult dating newbies:

Married & Lonely People horny matches

Price Tag

  • Gold subscription
    • $17.49 a month for 4 months in one installment of $69.95, renewing for $34.95.
    • $34.95 a month renewing for the same price.
  • Silver subscription
    • $19.98 a month for 3 months in one installment of $59.95, renewing for $29.95.
    • $29.95 a month renewing for the same price.

Busted or Trusted

This is not only a scam but also a dating site of a poor quality. The team at Adult Dating Patrol couldn’t find anything worthy of this site that could make us think about saying some words of praise. is totally busted and so is, along with it, in one package. But we will explain more about it on another occasion. For now, risk your marriage for good sex or just have a fling on another dating service – there are many of great quality out there!

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  1. Hey man, I ain’t risking anything, my wife actually encourages me to go and find someone online. I wouldn’t expect a comment like this from ADP anyways…


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