Is Leading You On? Find Out the Truth in This Review is one of the most expensive local hookup sites I’ve encountered charging credits for its services. The Premium subscription is a real rip-off that will soon send your credit balance down the hole if you use this false sex dating app to find a date for casual sex. I don’t recommend purchasing credits as they may drift into nothingness just three months after you buy them. Let’s look into more detail why there is no chance of true hooking up on


The hookup site asks you to accept and agree to a bunch of regulations before you enter the landing page. Well, at least this is a move decent enough to understand that you are dealing with fictive profiles which are created for entertainment purposes. Best hookup apps don’t usually do this – the registration process is very simple and short. However, if you read all this list, it is very likely that you will click the red button and leave the site because you will see that is not a legit dating site.

Why is a Fake Hookup Site

The site uses fantasy profiles made up and managed by the company running the site to do promotions, advertisements, and entertainment for new users. The start is nice because you get in to search for adult personals for free, but the nasty truth is quickly evident, just at the moment when you try to send your first message to the profile you liked. Do you know why is this process a scam? You get in to find casual sex, promptly skip over the irrelevant content, and start sexting. Then you see that you cannot reply and that the girl that was trying to arrange you for hooking up is actually just a software-created bot. By then you may have likely bought credits for hundreds of dollars.  

Looking4Hotties fictive profiles

The data from the search engine results on the site also provides fake fantasy profiles that have nothing to do with real persons. They look catchy and sexy just to prompt you to buy credits.

There are no guarantees for finding anyone on this hookup site which uses fraudulent methods. No guarantees whatsoever are provided by the managing company to members who are looking to find hookup dates.

The credits I mentioned? Just observe them in the next section. One look at them was enough to send my head spinning. The worst thing about this rip-off scam is that regardless of the number of credits you buy they are all made obsolete after three months. That’s it, if you buy them and take a vacation they will all be lost upon your return and second login on this adult dating app. It is of no use that it is available on desktop, iOS, and Android when it is altogether false and deceitful.

Privacy and security are severely jeopardized by the way this adult dating site manages the user membership profiles:

  1. No liability by for content posted by outside contributors
  2. No control over the user profiles
  3. No mandatory compliance for third-party collaborators

Looking4Hotties privacy, security and third-parties

Price Tag

Regular membership fees

  • 3 Credits = $7.99
  • 10 Credits = $23.99
  • 25 Credits = $54.99
  • 50 Credits = $98.99
  • 100 Credits = $179.99
  • 200 Credits =  $349.99

Premium subscription fees

  • 1 month – $15.99
  • 3 months – $39.99
  • 6 months – $64.99
  • 12 months – $74.99

Busted or Trusted?

No one with a sound mind (and plenty of guys are not when hooking up since they are too horny to think with their heads straight) will take on this offer for finding casual sex on I know what it is like to be too horny to strike a bad deal, trust me, I’ve been guilty of these mistakes in the past myself when I used to start with using adult personals.

If you start chatting and buying credits with such prices as mentioned on, you for sure have plenty to play with. I am sure that you appreciate your finances and that you don’t like throwing it around on poor hookup sites such as this one without results. Just go for a legit one!

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