New Review Process Makes Unveiling’s Scam A Breeze

Uncovering one of the Together Networks adult dating scams has not been on the agenda for a while. By calling their newest scam they really do have a lot to say and insinuate about their cheeky ways. If you remember well, all websites which are associated with Together Networks work with expensive payments which includes commercial dating, SMS packages as well as a number of promotional message systems for tricking their customers.


Here is a visual proof that belongs to Together Networks. Do you remember that they use a network of associated adult dating sites to duplicate your profile? If not, this is a good reminder. If you do, let us remind you once again that you must pay for the SMS messages. On the other hand, the design of the page is totally the same – they change only the picture of the hot girl on the front page and everything else stays the same. However many new users get hooked only by the picture because men are so visual. They fall for the scam forgetting to read about the mess they’re getting themselves into by signing up for

Why is a Deceptive Hookup App

Here is a step-by-step-guide for the deceitful techniques applied by

Automatic 3-Days in Advance Renewals Mean You Must Pay

Let us explain to you how this works. When you sign up for one of the packages, let’s say for the trial, it lasts for three days and it’s only a couple of dollars. However, it is automatically renewed for the full monthly subscription. This means that you will be charged for the one-month subscription even if you don’t want to because to do so, you must cancel three days ahead. You actually must cancel in the minute that you registered. It is impossible to do so and this is how your tricked into the full payment.

 Cheeky Lovers renewals

You Can Be Selected as a Target for Promotional Messages

From time to time, chooses particular members to offer promotional messages. You can send a bunch of messages to other users as a part of the promotion and use the service for free. However, no one can reply unless they are a paid member.In the end, the promotion you got gets cancelled. If someone communicated with you, you won’t be able to get back to them unless you upgrade. That is again another hook for extra payments.

Cheeky Lovers promoted messages

Duplicate Profiles of Users

As mentioned above in the second paragraph, will use your profile data to populate their members’ database in the other adult dating sites for casual hookups. If you think that this increases your chances for hooking up, we must disappoint you. That is completely untrue. It is only a promotional business measure to create as many new websites for Together Networks.

Cheeky Lovers duplicate websites Will Charge Your Credit Card to Verify Costs

Additional payments lurk from every corner of They have thought of another way to get some free change out of your credit card. By charging small amounts of money from each user’s credit cards to verify the payee they claim to avoid fraudulent payments. What a nice way to get some extra money!

Cheeky Lovers credit card verification

Additional Payments for SMS Messages

There is more in addition to the above claim which refers to sending messages. To send SMS messages on you must get one of the SMS packages. This means that you should open your eyes when you’re comparing subscription rates to those presented on other websites. There is one story in the Terms and Conditions, and a totally different story once you start using the services. The costs just keep piling up.

Cheeky Lovers SMS packages

Price Tag

Here is a screenshot from the subscription rates in the ToU. But, never forget to check the other fees when you register.

 cheeky lovers fees

Busted or Trusted?

Together Networks have been working their way around genuine subscriptions for a while. is just another addition to the way they work – nothing new and nothing special in the horizon, just the good old commercial adult dating that will rip you off by varied means of charging you for different actions to take on the site. You have been warned.

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