On The Road to Successful Online Dating: CasualMilfs.com Scam Exposed

How come some hookup sites are more successful in their scams than the others? It seems that for some of them, there is no limit! CasualMilfs.com is one of the well-known classic scams which uses one of the oldest strategies to deceive users – Online Cupids. The cupids are developed by software and resemble real people, but they are nothing close to it. So, you’d better follow our investigation to see what’s that all about.


Online Cupids are not a new thing for Adult Dating Patrol or for our followers. In fact, we have already completed dozens of reviews about hookup apps related to CasualMilfs.com. Please have a look at the writings such as DatingAffairs.com. SmashSwipe.com. EasyGranny.com, SnapCandy.com, LiveFlings.com, SeekingMilf.com, NakedLocals.com, and many more to learn the size of the scam related to the company that works with the fake ladies called “online cupids”. I don’t know just when did the scam turn okay? Is it admitting to it a method of justification?

Why is CasualMilfs.com a Fraudulent Hookup Service

I bet mentioning the above links to the other fake sites related to CasualMilfs.com is enough to make the hair on your head stand out! If not, read the review in-depth and prepare to run far from this site!

Users Are Responsible for Third-Party Invitations and Offers

If you are a member of casulaMilfs.com, you automatically get invitations from other associated websites. You will be pestered with annoying ads only to join and register. Although you are not paying if you don’t agree, you are nonetheless scammed.

CasualMilfs.com and the rest of the sites are just one and the same product. They will get resold in various packaging for as long as people don’t notice the scam and are willing to pay for it!

CasualMilfs.com Uses Fabricated Profiles Called Online Cupids

CasualMilfs.com not only uses fake women made by software, but it also tells the story to its customers as it is something totally normal. The big problem with CasualMilfs.com is that it works only with virtual profiles. You can’t find real babes there! The photos are stolen or faked, and the descriptions are just make-believe texts. Look for yourself how the Online Cupids operate:

Delays in Payment Will Cost You an Extra 1.5% Interest Charge

Memberships are renewed automatically. That is a standard practice of many legit and illegitimate dating services. What is not so standard about genuine companies is to calculate gigantic interest rates that will turn a regular membership rate into a rip-off luxury:

The Cupids Send Computer-Generated Messages

As much as they are fake, the Online Cupids are also well prepared to fool people, seduce and entice them to get an upgrade, by sending fake automated messages. CasualMilfs.com is the place where these fake profiles are used to the maximum – they will do anything to ensure you they are real and put you in the right mood.

Price Tag

  • $1.95 for a three-day trial
  • $29.95 for a one-month subscription
  • $69.95 for a three-month subscription

Busted or Trusted?

Despite the not so high membership rates, CasualMilfs.com cannot be considered a genuine dating service. If you expect something real from this unverified hookup app after all that we’ve told you above, you are a true optimist!

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