is a Scam

Using fake adult dating sites will make you or break you. If you don’t want to take the low-key road get your eyes into reading this Adult Dating Patrol review and learn all the falseness associated with The only thing alive here is the scam. The site places fake profiles called Online Cupids and it does from the very beginning. Does this action justify their fraudulent workings? I don’t think so.

Why I Question the Live Flings Authenticity

It is always wise to clear up a few misunderstandings right from the start. For example, belongs to the sites that work with the network. This means that they produce several websites with the same profiles and with the same users. It also means that your data will be multiplied in several profiles and put on all of these websites for hooking up. How about finding out the fact that you are a member of places you don’t think you are? As I’m sure you don’t like the truth above, I’m more than certain that you will hate the other things I’m going to uncover for you which are happening at Let’s go one step at a time.

Why is A Fake Hookup Site

Did I mention the fantasy profiles? Yes, I think I did, but it never hurts to tell you about them again. is creating fictitious profiles and let them have fun with you. You are powerless to do anything about it:

You understand and accept that when you attempt to contact other users, these users may find amusement in your profile or communications. You understand and accept that no communications between you and other users is private, even if the Member profile to which you respond is created by Us.

You should be particularly careful with your credit cards. If a billing error happens, it’s on you. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have any responsibility about it. Accepting the terms and conditions of this site’s means that you’ve agreed to take the responsibility on yourself. On top of everything, doesn’t give refunds so if you don’t like the service you have no chance of being reimbursed:

You are responsible for any credit card charge backs, dishonored checks, and any related fees that We incur with respect to your account.

Here’s the proof for the fantasy profiles which are presented in the terms and conditions document:

live Flings fantasy profiles


By the way, did you also know that they will pester you with hundreds of chatty messages and annoying text flirts? It’s all fine and nice if you’re getting laid in the end but forget about it it never happens.

You further understand, acknowledge, and agree that, from time-to-time, Online Cupids® profiles may contact both free users and paid users via computer-generated Instant Messages or emails for purposes referenced above.

The critical fact that you need to remember is that you will never ever meet one of these fantasy profiles called online cupids.

Note:  there is only one “fling branded site” that you should check out, and it’s right here:

The waiver of privacy rights is terrible. Not only will your profile be recreated all over the networks but your details so also be shared and sold to third-party contractors, affiliates,  other websites can anyone else advertising content on

live Flings privacy


I should, by all means, mention the last but not the least important fact about the fraudulent workings of this hookup site – they can change the terms and conditions as they like it, anytime they like it and they will not send an email. They will just amend the date of this revision. Can you believe that? Does this include price revisions?

Live Flings terms

Cost to Join

  • $1.95 for a 3-day trial subscription renewing at $29.95 monthly
  • $69.90 for a 6-month package
  • $49.50 for a 3-month package
  • $29.95 for one month

The Overall Review 

Flings, one night stands, getting laid, hooking up – call it what you want, it’s not happening on this fake dating site. You can’t just name a hookup site and expect that everyone will fall at your scammy feet while paying you hundreds of dollars for fantasy profiles. Give your time and our money to pure apps. By searching our legit dating sites guide you will find what you are looking for!

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