Will Turn Into Mush Making When You Find Out About Test Profiles

How come site casual sex sites look so sensational, and what they offer is not way below the average, but also fake? It seems to work perfectly for some fakers, such as All that look and design is supported by a big zero – once you take a tour, you will discover that is just a simple scam that uses all classic methods. Let us now explore the confusing renewals, the fabricated bots and the profile sharing scam.

Authenticity of LushDating

As promised on the front page, you are going to get all kind of amazing dates here on, use most advanced features, register for free. In one word, this looks like the dating paradise from your wildest dreams. Is this what you are really going to get on From what we have seen during the extensive research of the site features, subscription packages and legal documents you are totally unprotected, in more ways than one.

Why is a Fake Dating Website

Here we have prepared three reasons for you to avoid They may not be big in numbers, but that doesn’t mean they are not valuable. Often quality is better than quality. Nonetheless, you sometimes need only one reason to avoid a hookup site like a plague forever.

Users Get a Fake 30-Day Free Trial

I am not sure how will the people behind calculate the exact costs of the cancellation and the length of the membership eligible for a refund, but they for sure do have some weird assessment policies. First, they say that you can get a free trial for thirty days at any time. Then, they say that you must cancel at least 15 days ahead AND that you must have been using the service for at least 15 days in full activity. It looks like this is one big scam with a promise of an extension. You can see that from this snapshot below. Fake words from a fake dating site!

Partner Websites Exploit Your Profile on

The practice of using the same resources on the network under the guise of different websites is not unknown in the world of casual dating scams. In fact, it is a standard. The company namely creates multiple varied websites for diverse audiences. In fact, the only difference is in the design and the target users, or in some minor features. Then, they charge you for many sites and keep your profile active even if you cancel! Just to make their business lively and active! The least you can do is submit a request to delete your profile when you are finally done with’s ridiculous services.

Fabricated Test Profiles Take Users for a Rip-off Ride

Last, but definitely not the least – uses test profiles in the name of testing the services of the electronic communication system. You are positively going for a test ride, but this one is not going to be for free! If you fall for the charms of the manipulative bots, you will make it all about super-expensive subscription rates. The problem is not only they are above the average. but they are also fraudulent. Why would you be paying so much money for test profiles. Don’t you want the real thing?

Price Tag

  • $39.99 for a 1-month trial membership.
  • $24.99 per month for a 6-month trial membership in a total of $149.94.
  • $94.20 per month for a 3-month trial membership in a total of $239.88.

Busted or Trusted? is a fake dating website, no doubt about it. When you must agree to test profiles created by software to run the membership, you should remain vigilant about the nature of the service for off-the-hook relationships. This is in no way a great dating place, and you’d better keep that high in mind before you go for taking a chance on

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