Backpagepro Review: The Short Guide to Escaping Escort Tricks

Wasn’t it enough for you to read my other Backpage reviews related to sites considered alternatives to Backpage? Then you might find today’s back page for review interesting. Otherwise, this Backpagepro review is no different than many other reports I have previously presented on this site and that relate to Backpage alternatives

Why Sites like BackpagePro Suck

I know that once in the past people didn’t have many options to date online casually. Therefore, they got used to sites with personal ads like Backpage and Craigslist. However, nowadays, there are literally hundreds of dating apps in the app stores. And people are still looking to shifty online advertisement newspapers to find hookups? I can’t stop but I wonder if there is anything wrong with them? 

backpagepro review for winners

Ads and Membership Revenue

I don’t mean to offend you (if this happened to you) but if you’re doing things the old way you’ll be stuck in the past. Furthermore, you’ll frequently encounter various frauds because websites like these focus on money from advertising revenue. They don’t care about casual dating. Even if they’re legit they’re mostly focused on other types of ads and not so much on dating for sex or casual relationships.

Possible Escort Scams 

Next, almost any Backpage replacement is a cover-up for escort directories. You will have trouble using it for your sex dates.

First and foremost, because it’s illegal! Even if you decide to use it in legal locations you can still have issues with specific individuals who may try to trick you. They can steal your money, your credit card, try to blackmail you, bring your personal life into question, give you an STD, and heck, so much more!

Because they are professionals, they don’t usually refrain from doing anything you are not used to: it’s not like an escort is a woman you’re going to meet on a hookup site. These legit hookup girls want to be discreet and keep things intimate between you personally. They won’t divulge any secrets or share them with someone else.

Backpagepro Review: Obvious Proof that Backpagepro is Fake

Here is the first and the last proof I need to decide this shady site won’t give you anything good related to casual hookups.

What you need to do is skip to the sections for company ads and personal ads. There is nothing listed under company ads. This fact says to me that this is not a legit advertising platform.

Identically, if you click on the girls’ profiles under personal ads, you will find out the same girl is listed under different profiles. This occurs multiple times and she even has chosen different pictures to create the illusion of more profiles. Evidently,  there are very few real women, if any. In fact, these prostitute women are not looking to casually date. They’re actually professionals that will charge you for the service.

Finalizing the Backpagepro Review with Some Bitter Truth

In my opinion that I would like to share as well-intentioned advice (which I’m not asking you to accept, of course) is to never use sites like Backpage Pro. All reviews of Backpage replacement sites such as Backpagely and many others tell me that they’re very similar, if not identical. They use the same model to capture people’s attention. The purpose is to target people who want to find open-minded women online and can’t manage to do it quickly. They are only looking to rip you off and offer something for money (totally not worth it if you consider the risks.) Especially when compared to the options from genuine dating sites. Do you need more choice or have a specific sexual preference? Take a look at the top-10 ranked legit dating sites and find out your favorite or pick a niche adult dating site.

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