The Erotic Review: Reporting about Escorts Becomes a Daily Nightmare

According to the website claims, The Erotic Review is a modern and sophisticated place where escorts advertise their services. But the luxury-sounding name this doesn’t help with masking what the site is all about. That’s why I’m here to help you. Deep down I assume the truth, but I want to expose all tricks. Why do escort websites charge expensive memberships and don’t offer any guarantees in such a risk-prone environment? Because they can. There is no one to call them upon such behavior! Let’s find out more details in The Erotic Review (TER) I have prepared for you for today.

The erotic review facts

The Erotic Review (TER) Will Cost You a Fortune

There are two main things I specifically dislike about this website. 

OK, that’s my vocabulary and language when I play nicely.  “Dislike” is not a strong word. The more appropriate word would be “hate” or “wish it to cease from existence”, And so it happens. Many websites with fraudulent content close very soon after someone discovers their shenanigans.

I don’t assume any other future about this website. In particular, because it costs dirty riches.

You get the full package in the VIP membership. 

Basic Membership Features

What you get:

General information, can submit reviews, can read profiles, cannot view specific services and charges.

VIP Membership Features 

What you get:

All of the above plus costs, chat room access, and advanced search filters.

The Erotic Review Submissions from Hobbyists (That Would be You)

Of course, the purpose of TER is not only to enable an advertising platform for the service providers. The second purpose is, allegedly, to get user reviews. So when visitors use one of the services offered on the website they can create an account and submit a review.

Should you trust these reviews? Why the site carries a similar name, it beats me. For this specific reason, I never trust online reviews where users and reviews are one and the same. But if you’re still interested in how to create an account and submit a review, here is the process explained step-by-step: 

How To Write And Submit On The Erotic Review: A Short Guide

In a nutshell, here is the policy about The Erotic Review submissions and what I think about it next to each item:

  1. Register and create a user name. (Okay, you have to, I guess.)
  2. Be honest and polite in the language you use in the review process. (Encouraged, but not if something sucks and you cant speak openly about it.)
  3. Warn against unpleasantries surrounding the escort situation. (An impossible task, it’s a matter of opinion.)  
  4. Write a review about an escort that has provided sufficient details (Fine.)
  5. Post links to the escort’s adult website review (What? Why? To do a marketing job? I don’t think so.)
  6. You gain credit for the reviews under dubious deadlines and unclear conditions. (The website can make money from  your generosity, and you’ll gain the value of a huge potato.)

There are massage parlor places, too, but they are no different than escort services. You know that, correct?

Summary Report about TER

 I don’t see a valid reason for paying on escort websites when you get a smorgasbord of delicious hookup sites without expensive memberships. The sole purpose of writing these adult dating reviews is to open your eyes to better alternatives than using illicit escort services, websites that run on fake profiles, and hidden costs. So what are you waiting for? Find them HERE!

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