iHookup.com is a Commercial Dating App with Fake Women Called “Sweethearts”

iHookup.com is an expensive dating app that has some of the most expensive memberships ever. Its Gold and Silver packages are just an inventive way to provide more options for users to get into the purchasing trap. Unfortunately, like many other apps that have versions in the app stores  – the iTunes and the Play Store, they pose high risks with the immensely pricey rates. That’s not the biggest problem, though, as iHookup.com uses fake profiles.

Authenticity of iHookup

As mentioned above, the biggest threat is from the fabricated profiles. In the case of iHookup.com, they are called sweethearts. Regardless of the name variations, these fake profiles usually have the same job: entertaining users, sending messages and creating the buzz of activity to simulate real dating activity. In fact, it’s just faking its way into users; pockets via the website and via the mobile apps.

Why is iHookup.com a Bogus Dating App

Here are the main reasons behind the iHookup.com’s fraudulence.

iHookup.com Uses the Sweethearts Service

Many of the photos belong to fictitious profiles and they do not represent real women. The fake fabricated profiles are called Sweethearts – such a catchy name for a fraudulent software that sends fake messages developed by computers!

ihookup terms

Sweethearts carry the heart logo. If you stay a while on iHookup.com you will see that almost all of the women have the heart symbol, which means this dating app is a total fake product! Their messages are easily recognizable by the same logo. your inbox will be overflooded with such messages:

Your Privacy Becomes a Property of iHookup.com

In case the company transforms, such as in situations of merger or acquisition, you are agreeing to give all rights to your content to the newly founded company. The problem is that companies that work with scams often use these methods to cover up the past activity and the traces of fraudulent history.

iHookup.com Advertising Sends Dubious Third-Party Ad Links

If you ever wonder where all those spam, virus and trash content on your devices come from, welcome to the new revelation  – they are most likely a result of clicking on fraudulent third-party content on messy dating websites and their respective casual sex apps:

Price Tag

Gold Package
  • 3-day trial membership is $9.98
  • 1-month subscription is $34.99
  • 3-month subscription is $68.97
  • 12-month subscription is $119.98
Silver Package
  • 3-day trial membership is $7.98
  • 1-month subscription is $29.99
  • 3-month subscription is $59.97
  • 12-month subscription is $107.88

Busted or Trusted?

iHookup.com is totally busted, especially in the App store. Be careful to avoid falling for the same old tricks. You don’t want to get one rate on the website, and totally different with the app membership! You definitely don’t want to pay several hundreds of dollars for nothing, such as fictitious profiles called sweethearts.

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