Eliminate Your Fear And Pick Up Your AdultSwipe.com’s Subscription Today

Today is your lucky day. I have come across one of the better sites that offers genuine services and that can actually help you get laid, and quickly -AdultSwipe.com. That’s what I did to celebrate and I must tell you that it was a pretty good day. However, keeping it to myself would be selfish – that is why I am sharing some good stuff with you. I am pretty certain that you will score, too.


There isn’t much originality about this site but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work perfectly for what you need. In the end, fancy features can amp up the overall presentation, but they rarely contribute to the site efficiency. On the contrary, fake sites use that moment to boost the scams they pull on their new customers. So, ┬ácontent without the framework is much better option than a good design with zero chances to get laid.

Why is AdultSwipe.com a Genuine Dating Site

Aside from good holiday opportunities, AdultSwipe.com has some decent technical features and security mechanisms worth mentioning:

  • Your back is supported by an anti-fraud team.

Why would you worry about extra stuff when you are in the mood for getting a sex date? Some security is the least that you deserve, and here at AdultSwipe.com you get a double support – a team working against frauds and scams, and a team working on security. That is, according to my dating experience, way better deal than the average:

Adult Swipe anti-fraud support

  • You can opt out of the system of automated messages.

Many hookup websites arrange automated messages, but most of them put them as a mandatory offer for using the site. Some sneaky services even oblige you to continuous use, so that if you stop using them, you lose specific other privileges on the site. Here, you won’t have a problem with that:

Adult Swipe automated messages set up

  • Adult Swipe does not operate with service-created profiles.

Hallelujah for this fact! I got so annoyed by the constant exposure of scammy fabricated profiles that I should open a bottle of some golden sparkle whenever I find out that I am actually communicating with real people. Normally, I get results.

Adult Swipe no service profiles

  • Cancellation of your membership is possible anytime.

A simple cancellation process that you can do at any time is another great reason to go for Adult Swipe. At least you won’t bother with the troubles I won’t stop hearing at Adult Dating Patrol – that once you get in, it is impossible to get out of a dating site. This is a quote from the website:

“The date of your automatic renewal will be the day after the last day of your membership purchase. You may cancel your membership at any time during purchase to avoid your membership automatically renewing by contacting our customer service department either online, through email or by phone. For all initial purchases, you will receive an email receipt upon successful completion of your initial purchase.”

  • Your personal data is well protected.

This is a relief and it comes as a great bonus to the two support teams I have mentioned above. Treating your data with care shows great customer respect:

Adult Swipe use of personal info

Price Tag

  • Trial membership auto-renews for $39.95 a month
  • 1-month membership of $34.95 auto-renews for the same price
  • 6-month membership of $69.95 auto-renews for $29.95 a month.
  • 18-month membership auto-renews for $14.95 a month.

Busted or Trusted?

Adult Swipe is a simple, secure and specialized service for super-quick hookups that will take care of what you want in just the right way. I don’t think that you need some special promises or faulty and fabricated profiles that are just a cover-up for fraudsters. This site just works. You don’t need any special skills to succeed and trust me, I am the best proof for that.

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