is Not Even a Real Hookup Site: Slim Chances of Getting Laid

The titillating trick of members who may be somehow familiar is used and misused on, a deceitful site for adult personals, which made me questioning if it is a real site, and I am more than ever convinced it is not. The loud claims that it is not like other fake adult dating applications are false. Not only is it completely fake, but it is also poorly done with plenty of missing features, menus and member’s area. The documents are very poor, too. Let’s take a tour to get a visual idea of the arguments presented here.

SuperHookup Review Details

First, before you are allowed access to, you must answer several questions that question and check how discreet and respectful of other people’s privacy you can be. This is a great practice, but only if it leads somewhere. And on, after you pass this initial check, and complete the necessary fields on the free registration, you get to stare at a blank screen, just as you see it below:

Super Hookup real site.

Usually, when this occurs, it is a sign of a scam that has been uncovered, a fraud went wrong, or just a low-quality product which didn’t turn out good. Whatever the story behind that blank registration screen may be, it is certainly no good.

Why is a Casual Sex Scam?

For those of you that somehow manage to get in and subscribe for the services, such as those that will approach this site for date hookups in the future when it is up and running as it should, or those that will find in it advertised in Google Play or on iTunes, or even those that got a membership in the past, the following warnings should ring a bell: runs troublesome businesses with other companies which may be doing more harm than good to the subscribers. Make sure to investigate their regulations separately as they may turn out to be something completely different than the main site, that has enough of its problems without the third-party collaboration:

Super Hookup third party websites

The fake profiles on these sites wreck havoc among the dating community. They impersonate real profiles via computer-developed bots, send automatic messages and push for sales of expensive subscription packages. And, on top of everything, this is stated in the Terms and Conditions:

You hereby acknowledge and agree that all communications by, from, to or in association with, Online Emissaries are for entertainment purposes only, except for the sole educational and informative purpose of communicating “Official Informational Communications” about Your membership, existing or upcoming programs or features of or instructions for using (e.g., messages about membership status, new feature data, how to upload photographs, etc., officially communicated via one or more Online Emissaries).

The technical names for these fake profiles are digital avatars, which is in essence, just a picture of a head silhouette or synthespians, a fancy name for scammy bots. Whatever is their nature or creation technique, it is nevertheless a total fraud:

Super Hookup online emissaries

Additionally, lets go of any responsibility associated with this fraudulent strategy and lets the Online Emissaries run their business and make new scams pulling the wool over the eyes of new users.

As is the case with all data provided by Members, is not responsible for reviewing, verifying, auditing, policing or modifying the content of the Online Emissaries’ profiles or any other communications regardless of how or when such communications are made.

As it turns out the catch this hookup site is not working now is a bingo – many users are saving their a&ses as you read!

Price Tag

Due to the problematic registration with a blank screen, the costs of this sex dating site will yet need to be discovered.

Busted or Trusted?

Since we have seen the use of the fabricated profiles called Online Emissaries on other dating websites for getting laid, casual sex and one night stands, it doesn’t take extra persuasion for us to conclude that we are dealing with a scam. Blank screens usually indicate sub-domains which use the same member’s area and are created only for purposes of attraction with the new design.

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