This Scam Review Says Is Not Among the Fair Hookup Apps

It is almost like can’t wait to get hold of your credit card number. They will not only charge you the basic subscription, but they will also charge a credit card verification and extend your trial for the full month membership fee which is also the most expensive rate. It is easy to access the sex hookup app version of the site which is located at the bottom of the screen, but it will be easy enough too to have the wool pulled through over your eyes.

Validity of

The free registration is bogus because you can’t get active or communicate with other members. For that, you need to get an upgrade which will allegedly provide some special services:

  • Messaging without limits (sending and replying)
  • All search results availability
  • Viewing full-size and all member photos
  • Checking full profiles
  • Contacting popular users
  • Sending Flirtcasts

Why is a Deceitful Hookup Site

Meeting sites often are just a platform for selling other stuff. They attract large groups of followers who are curious, looking for entertainment or just good old casual sex.

  • sells paid services instead of adult personals.

#1 – Third-party content

They are companies who advertise their services on other sites and try to expand their business. Many use very dishonest methods to make some more money and don’t follow the same high standards as the basic provider does. uses plenty of those third-party companies:

Sexy Black People SMS package

#2 – SMS paid packages

If you decide to communicate with the other dating profiles via the independent SMS platform you must purchase special credits that are non-refundable and are out of the basic package:

Sexy Black People SMS package

#3 – Cam Services is not a sex club for hooking up. At least it is not judging by the adult webcam services it sells:

Sexy Black People cam services

  • Notifications for hooking up are free, but checking them is not.

Just after registration, my profile inbox and notification board were full of alerts. I went checking them one by one and none of them was free = now, look at the board:

Sexy Black People communicate to upgrade

  • You don’t get the right to read the messages without an upgrade.

But, it will be impossible to get in touch with the others unless you get the package. In addition, you are also prompted to do that as soon as possible:

Sexy Black People deleting messages

  • The trial version is auto-renewed to a full monthly membership.

Be very careful when you are giving your credit card when you give it a go with the trial version. This is why you should do that:

“To make it simpler for you, the three-day trial membership plan will automatically convert to our monthly package at the standard non-promotional rate at the end of your three-day trial period, if you don’t cancel your membership before the trial expires. On the day your trial period expires, and every month after that until you cancel, your credit/debit card will be billed at the price of your selected membership package.”

  • You also get a small charge for credit card verification.

Regardless of what you purchase, may decide to charge a fee in an amount of 5 dollars to check the validity of your credit card. It is a provision of the Terms of Use and I honestly don’t see what’s the point of this rip-off since you are buying a subscription anyway.

Price Tag

  • Three-day trial version is $1.97 per day
  • One-month subscription is $27.99
  • Three-month subscription is $17.49 per month
  • Six-month subscription is $12.59 per month

Busted or Trusted?

If you are looking for specialized meeting sites or sites to hook up with black people, this one may get into your span of attention. From the inspection we have performed with the team at Adult Dating Patrol, the site is totally not worth it. Don’t be too quick to test the site by providing the card details for trial because you may end with unforeseen costs.

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  1. I’ve tried this scam a few months ago and it didn’t get anywhere. I just needed to spend four days cancelling the whole deal. I lost so much time on top of the money!


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