How to Protect Yourself From the Dangers Sneaking From Every Corner at

Somehow there are legitimate reasons to believe that HookupDepot is more of a dump then a depot. While carefully investigating the clear invitation for all types of sexual preferences  and orientations we’ve come up to conclusion that this is just a bait. If you have a look at the profiles that are put on the home screen, you’ll see that there are only girl’s profiles. This is the usual clickbaity tactic for encouraging men to spend as much time there. If you think to find one night stands and casual hookups on this website, sorry, but that’s not the truth.


Here the fake promises on that make this site so special at first glance and so insecure when you do the digging.

  • Start your profile in a jiffy – just enter your email address and a username
  • Flirt and hookup for fun – only intended for local women (where is the diversity?)
  • Immediate hookups with hot women (with so many fake pics?)

Obviously, this is just a fraudulent marketing catch that tries to set you up.

Why is an Insecure Dating App

Here are the reasons why is just a commercial business taking care of its own profits:

Arbitrary Changes to Visitors’ Agreement

Did you have a chance to go through the agreement that regulates your obligations with If your answer is negative we’re not surprised. Not many visitors have the time to do this in detail. Therefore, fraudulent hookup businesses create websites and applications where they put the nice stuff on the front page and the dirty stuff in the ‘Terms and Conditions’. This is how they usually pull their scam. Were not surprised that this is the case on such an insecure website. Welcomes Irritating Ads

Yes, plenty of Internet businesses use advertising to make their work lucrative. However, in the adult dating industry, there is less control. It’s a bit different from other businesses. They use this so-called freedom to sell useless stuff, including links to crappy products. Because the ad policy on is not regulated in detail, there are dangers that you click a link that is either infected or takes you to illegitimate websites which can pose extra dangers on their own behalf.

Say Goodbye to Your Privacy Rights

While many will take a minute or two to read the ‘Terms and Conditions some of the tricks are actually placed in the ‘Privacy Policy’. This is another place to look for danger when you’re looking for casual hookups. The ‘Privacy Policy’ on enables a 100% ownership of the content you put there. It’s worth keeping this in mind when you start uploading your personal details without thinking where it will end. Sometimes, it gets distributed on other channels. If you’re looking for privacy and intimacy it can create troubles for you in the long term. Especially if you don’t want others to know that you’re actually visiting hookup sites!

Price Tag

  • $29.95 per month for one general membership subscription

Busted or Trusted?

These adult websites that work with redirections are a commercially viable way for creating risks for their members. When there is no control of who does what on a website it’s difficult to think where will the risk come from. Can it come down to a fraudulent link? Will you click on an infected advertisement? How can you be sure that you’re not talking to a fake profile? Will someone steal your data? As you can see the questions are endless. Only you can find the answers if you want to use and test your luck. Stay away from the dump!

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