DO NOT STEAL THIS CONTENT! Has Some Secrets on Its Own to Lure You Inn

   no comments   ReviewsScams looks genuine once you join, but the suspicious things crop up slowly as you discover the dating process. if we are talking about design, this hookup site seems pretty bland – nothing special about it except for the basic features. Well, how come it maintained its presence on the market for 14 years?


We will never know the whole toolset of secrets for staying on the market for as long as one and a half decade. Maybe the dating niche has something to do with it – there are always married people who get bored in their long-term relationships and decide to test something new and exciting as casual hookups. This is how they end up on flakey looking dating websites with nothing free and with great possibilities for fake profiles.

Why is a Flakey Looking Site

Despite the initial impression, not many things develop trust in the services of What are they?

Profile Verification Doesn’t Keep Away Fake Profiles states that your profile is subject to approval. Well, first you need to have your profile verified by email. Once you get verified and provide a long list of personal details (including your birth date, which is mandatory) you can start browsing the site and check out the profiles. Hey, but what happens when you try to initiate contact with some of the users?

You Need Upgrades to Chat With Others

The upgrade screen flashes across the page of the members you have tried to contact. Most members don’t even have photos, and this one had a very suspicious looking photo of a body in a lingerie without showing the face. You know why you get the prompt for an upgrade? Because there is a scarcity of women on adult dating sites and they have to make up profiles to attract users! Sells Cam Services

Cam services for users are just another clever way for charging what you don’t need to have – a paid video service. You can use FaceTime or any other mobile video app that is free once you establish contact and enough trust to start video chatting.

Price Tag

  • $79.95 for a 3-Month Premium Membership
  • $119.95 for a 6-Month Premium Membership

Busted or Trusted?

Unless you are really in the mood for playing with your money, we wouldn’t advise checking out your dating prospects on It’s nothing special, and fourteen years of existence can’t be the only factor in play for choosing a preferable hookup site, especially when it’s working with dummy profiles!

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