A Site with a Simple Name and a Simple Scam

This site is for affair dating, which makes them right for the preference of cheaters because they are the biggest cheaters of all. works like a commercial service for men and women who like meeting men and women in various combinations for extramarital affairs. Although it has a convenient name, nothing about it remotely close to a genuine service.

Why is a Dubious Dating Site

Although it seems like it has a lot of profiles that are original and authentic, only looks that way. The backlinks to the specific niche dating are flooded with avatars and no real person shows up amongst the forest of empty flowing talking heads. The biggest problem of all is that has a delay in response to subscriptions. This is making it almost impossible to land a profile and start chatting to see how will the actual process turn out. Therefore, we used other cheating landmarks, such as:

Poor Reviews from a Number of Relevant Resources

Google and other search engine rankings provide great insight into what you can expect from a dating website. There is nothing like retrieving those search results and checking out the meat and the potatoes behind that polished design. We were right about It involves a number of reviews (written and video) that don’t put it into the good basket. On the contrary, it’s all about the ridiculous features that promise too much and lead nowhere.

You Consent to Electronic Communications and Recieve Fake Content

Advertising tactics of fraudulent dating sites are awful. You just can’t tell where from the danger will come. It’s a string of phishing scams in your inbox, fake messages in the chat box, faulty links that take you to dubious offers or nonsense content, risks are everywhere. You won’t know where to look after you submit that dating profile info and wait, hoping to get laid. Well, on your chances are slim. Many rotten companies use this method to scam users. It’s no wonder we found a rotten tomato on, where people need to remain discreet. They need to avoid raising too many complaints because of their cheating habits.

Price Tag

It’s impossible to find out the real cost of because the site displays constant notifications that it is too busy to accept new members. But it is definitely a paid dating site and it doesn’t provide anything for free!

Busted or Trusted?

There are not many reasons to extend our trust to It has been one of the worse experience we have had lately. Anyway, if you are a cheating, who will know if you are doing it from a regular legit dating site? No one! Creating sites such as this one to attract users is nasty. Really, you’ll have no real progress in your dating site here!

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