You Will Never Thought That Knowing This About Could Be So Beneficial!

The¬†weird method of scamming its customers may result in plenty downloads before users discover that they have been duped. Sex Snapchat¬†snaps can cover up the hookup app scam and you will easily fall into the trap of getting something that you don’t need. Still, it is possible that shoots itself in the food. Find out how below.

KikFriender Operations Review

The way that works with its fraudulent methods will confuse you because it is based on application downloads. However, is not a pure app and it will not lead to getting laid with sexy Snapchat cuties. They have also lost the adult feature on Snapchat so don’t base your hooking up prospects on that one alone. This is the process of working your way into

  • Search for local Kik usernames of cute Kik girls
  • Make Kik friends from all over the world by adding location filters
  • Profiles and photo browsing
  • Sharing your life story as Snapchat does it
  • Locate Kik girls near you

Remember that there are no nude pics on Snapchat, so don’t put yourself in a mess by posting one there in an adult area.

Why is a Fraudulent Hookup App

Kik Friender provides content from profiles and third-party applications or posted by users. It has no control over them. Those websites or profiles are not checked, monitored or confirmed for accuracy by the main site. Has No Control Over User Privacy Issues

KikFriender Services may be linked to Internet sites operated by other companies. KikFriender Services may also carry advertisements from other companies. KikFriender is not responsible for the privacy practices of websites operated by third parties that are linked to or integrated with the KikFriender Services or for the privacy practices of third-party Internet advertising companies.

Pay attention to the trick with the fees, moreover because when you search and select apps in the App Store and on Google Play, you can easily mix up a free app and a fraudulent hookup app. Just browse the Play store, you will find so many hooking up variants of the app that look alike, that you will never know which is authentic.

Kik Friender no fee refund

As mentioned, was based on Snapchat but had to toss it on the side as the provider removed adult dating as one of its options. So, you will not find hot cuties to get laid there. If you intend to hook up, stay put on the main hookup site, if even there!

Kik Friender no snapchat section

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Scam

  • #1- All profiles are like the hottest porn models, and that is a surefire way to guarantee that you are dealing with professional scammers. After you contemplate on this first scam sign for a while, let us take you to number two:

Kik Friender porn models

  • #2 – uses fake photos and makes fake profiles. For example, I chose and tried to send a chat message to Daniela, using the start chat feature button, which leads us to step 3:

Kik Friender fake chat

  • #3 – Guess what – there was no Daniela profile. The link redirected the chat message to the Kik app page. If you browse through the Terms and Conditions of this site to read them in more detail, you will notice that is not connected with Kik Interactive. Well…

Kik Friender redirection

  • #4 – That is completely untrue. The logo for both sources is totally the same. One simple visit of will reveal the scam of this deceptive adult dating site. Once you download the scammy application, we can’t guarantee how much you will need to pay:

Kik Friender android

Busted or Trusted?

Exposing was a piece of cake. They have already dug a hole deep enough to fall right inside. This tells us that we might not be dealing with experienced scammers. That doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Ward off by staying loyal to pure apps.

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