Watch Out for This Online Dating Scam –

For many people, dating an older black woman is a fetish fantasy that can only be turned into reality on adult dating websites. There are plenty of dating tools for milfs in general but not many of them are dedicated to users who wish to find sexy black milfs.

This is why it was a nice surprise to come across and check out if it is a place for fulfilling fantasies or a place for scammy nightmares for inexperienced users. Beware, because we discovered that it is far more likely for this online adventure to become a scam than a worthwhile sex hookup. Let’s find out why.

Authenticity promises numerous dates with sexy black chicks, even offering a one month guarantee (one extra free month included) to users who fail to hookup within the validity of their membership.

The homepage is filled with images of nice ladies who have a text tag attached to their profiles, looking very inviting. By having a look at the offer there, one would think that all it takes is a simple signup, and you can start chatting and messaging with the sexy women who will start falling in your lap.

And it is no wonder if you think that is what awaits you since it definitely seems so if you don;t delve deep into what;s behind the scammy promises. We, however, don’t like just scratching the surface  – here are the results of our in-depth investigation.

Why is a Fake Dating Website

Almost all fraudulent workings related to are explained in the Privacy Policy, but if you don’t know where to look, and what to look for, you won’t be able to uncover the full scope of the fraud:

  • charges members for SMS program.

With the intention of creating a separate, private and discreet texting service, this website has developed an SMS service that uses tokens for sending messages between members. Users are tricked into buying tokens instead of using the SMS service that comes along the regular monthly subscription plan:

Jada Parks token charges

  • There is no third-party liability for dealings with advertisers.

Let’s say you get on, start browsing hot profiles, get into the groove, and start clicking links and purchasing services while you are hard. It is hardly likely that you will have time to read long policy documents from third party service providers to protect yourself when something goes wrong. This is a fact well known and misused by, that absolves itself from any third-party accountability.

Jada Parks no third party liability

  • Instant messages are charged with tokens.

In a similar way as with SMS, users must buy tokens to be able to get in touch with other members. Obviously, is not only not free, but finds new ingenious ways to charge extra money and extort new membership fees from its customers:

Jada Parks instant messaging tokens

  • has a practice for fabricating profiles.

The fabricated profiles are called fantasy cuties, a name that may sound familiar if you follow our reviews that reference to the sites that belong to the same network. If you think that you can avert from using these fake girls – hang on a minute. This freedom is available only to paid users, and even then, you are not guaranteed that you will not receive a message from a phony profile:

Jada Parks fantasy cuties

  • The fantasy cuties generate computer content to sell services.

This computer-generated content can take any shape – from regular email promos, to discount and upgrade offers, all the way to sending realistic chat messages with no possibility or intention of hooking up  – all these virtual bots do is send enticing marketing messages to promote the site business – chances of meeting one of them in person is impossible:

Jada Parks fantasy cuties computer generated content

Price Tag

  • 1 Month subscription is $29.95
  • 3 Month subscription is $49.90
  • 6 Month subscription is $59.95

Busted or Trusted

No matter how used we may get to online dating scams, the insidious ways of scam networks surprise us on and on. When it is hard finding true sources of online pleasure, you’d better rely on someone who knows the drill of the business, such as the team at Adult Dating Patrol.

We can discern credible from the incredible truth, and in the case of, the bitter pill that needs to be swallowed if you have purchased a membership is that you have been scammed.

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