Fuckbook Hookups Review: A Handy Name for an Even Handier Scam

Anyone would be flabbergasted by a number  of 30 million members worldwide. The number is so huge that it is weird how come that more people don’t get the scam as early as from the front page and avoid further rip-offs. Is this really the best place to find hookups today, as Fuckbook Hookups promises to be? Well, if it really had 30 million members, which is as much as half the population of Thailand, then, maybe.

But, since this is nowhere close to the truth, we smell a fishy scam. With those colossal numbers, other dating sites would have stayed out of business for sure.


Fuckbook Hookups is a member of the FFN network, of which you may be well aware of if you are following our page for a while. The network includes more than a dozen of subsidiaries and comes up with new sites at least every three months or so. This is why it will not be a big surprise if we encounter more of these fraudulent services in the near and in the further future. Fuckbook hookups works with limited privacy, tracks information and is under no circumstances, free.

Why is Fuckbook Hookups a Dishonest Dating Service

With the danger of becoming boring, our review of Fuckbook Hookups will get around the same tactics explained in other reviews referring to the FFN network, mainly concerning privacy, hidden fees and tracking information

  • Fuckbook Hookups claims it doesn’t expose any private info, yet is does.

There are several ways in which this site is sharing your personal information you should be concerned with, but there is a particularly unclear provision which is about aggregated information sharing. Here is a part of the regulations as it stands on the site: “We may share or transfer your Personal Information with our subsidiaries operating other FFN Websites so that they can send you information about their products or services that you may be interested in.”FuckBook hookups info sharing across network

Here is also a snippet from the “fishy” provision:

Fuckbook hookups sharing information

  • Fuckbook Hookups tracks behavior.

Most sites do the same, but this one uses advanced technologies, and not only one – apart from using cookies, it also uses web beacons – pixel tags to catch upon previously undetected actions os it can target your needs with wicked offers:

Fuckbook hookups pixel tags web beacons

  • You will be charged with extra unforeseen fees.

Subscription fees are one story while transaction fees and usage fees are another. You may be unaware that you have agreed to all these charges, which users often don’t have in mind when they sign up for new sites. For example, sites with international audience, such as this one may be a potential hornet’s nest for dangerous surcharging for currency exchange fees:

Fuckbook hookups fees

  • Changes to the Privacy Policy are executed without prior notice.

Open your eyes when you do this to check out all privacy policy changes on the page because you will not get an email to sign consent: “THESE TERMS MAY BE AMENDED OR CHANGED BY US IN OUR DISCRETION, WITH OR WITHOUT NOTICE, AT ANY TIME. We indicate at the top of the page when these Terms were last updated. Your continued access or use of the Website or any other Services following such changes will be deemed acceptance of such changes. In addition, we reserve the right to modify or cease providing all or any portion of the Services at any time, with or without notice. Be sure to return to this page periodically to ensure familiarity with the most current version of these Terms.”

Fuckbook hookups change of terms

Price Tag

No service is free. Gold Plan memberships are:

  • One-month membership costs $29.99
  • Three-month membership costs $14.99 per month
  • A one-year membership costs $8.99 per month.

Busted or Trusted

Like we have said, Fuckbook Hookups has a very convenient name which will come handy when people search for sex dating. Nevertheless, the cool name does not correspond reality and only serves as a good, catchy phrase that will lure new members in. There are hundreds of better sites out there (even Tinder will be more effective than this one) so we suggest checking them out.

Be careful when you post photos and share other personal details with Fuckbook Hookups – you may lose your ownership forever and find it at a place

2 thoughts on “Fuckbook Hookups Review: A Handy Name for an Even Handier Scam”

  1. Just the other night a friend was telling me about his network, and I didn’t believe him that the scam can get so enormous and they will just do it, on and on…

    • And watch out for those promotional credits – you can lose them and then get paying for something you thought was free!


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