What is CasualLounge.com & How it Will be Affecting Your Sex Dating Life

Don’t you just love when adult dating websites think of new ways to take your money? For example, CasualLounge.com will charge you a basic subscription and also sell your Credits to buy virtual gifts. That’s quite a lucrative rip-off tactic, don’t you agree? We’re here to expose it and help you keep your money safe and sound while you enjoy casual sex dating on other more available and less expensive hookup sites.


As CasualLounge.com belongs to a network of websites, we can’t really say that is it is a genuine hookup site in advance. We will be able to shape an opinion after we review some of the other websites that belong to the network. As far as the authentic revelation of facts in the Terms and Conditions is concerned, they explain almost everything and include all they do with the members on the site. However that doesn’t mean that they work in pure ways and that you will be able to score that many NSA dates.

Why is CasualLounge.com a Deceptive Hookup Site

Apart from being a marketing platform, there is more than one way in which you can be subject to risks on CasualLounge.com

You Must Pay for Communication Credits

There is a basic initial fee which all new members must pay to start using the site services. Case in point, you can’t send messages if you’re registered for free and you don’t have a subscription. Hi, this is not the only way that CasualLounge.com uses to take your money out of your pocket. There is also the option to buy credits. Credits are used to send virtual gifts and virtual gifts are nothing else but a fancy name for various types of online communications in electronic form.

Casual Lounge Gifts and Credits

The Site is for Entertainment and Marketing Purposes Only

This hookup site makes it loud and clear for its users: its original purpose is not to providcasualsl online dating but it is only formed for entertainment purposes. Entertainment purposes usually encompass flirting, sending winks, chatting and pointless online user communities which don’t offer many chances to score a date. What you need to have in mind is that you will get countless emails containing various promotions with other useless adult products:

casual lounge marketing

Unsafe Facebook Connections

If you’re logged in with your Facebook account you can make your membership dangerous. For example, you know that Facebook can pose a risk to your privacy by the privacy sharing options involved in various applications that have your login details. You must be careful how much you share with the application of CasualLounge.com

Casual Lounge FB risks

Some Profiles May Not Be Genuine: Take Your Own Risk

If the meaning of this statement in the Terms and Conditions of CasualLounge.com is what we think it is, then you’re definitely not getting laid on this hookup site. When profiles are not genuine, that can mean so many things – first of all, it can mean that there is no protection for safe contacts with other users. Second, it can mean that the site uses virtual profiles created by software. And third, it can mean the site uses employees that engage in communication with users so that they stay longer and pay for additional products and services. Regardless of which of the above options is true, none of them is better than the others. All are bad.

casual lounge non-genuine services and entertainment

Stay Alert for Third-Party Links & Websites

Here is an excerpt from the side documents that refers to the combinations of websites that are associated with the CasualLounge.com This is the classic strategy of duplicating your profile and using it on multiple sites run by the same business:

To improve the opportunity to find a dating partner, the Service is offered through and accessible through a number of other websites in addition to the Site. By registering with the Site you acknowledge and accept that all Content that you post to the Site may be searchable and available to users of the Service who access it via different websites from the Site.

Price Tag

Subscription Costs

  • 12 Months cost £14.58 per month
  • 3 Months cost £19.99 per month
  • 1 Month costs £34.95 per month

Credit Costs

  • £10 for 100 credits
  • £15 for 150 credits
  • £5 for 50 credits

Busted or Trusted?

This pricey hookup application is not your best option to score a date. There are many factors in play explained above that can pose a risk to your security and to your privacy, as well as to your budget. Would you like to forget yourself with virtual gifts that cost significant amount of paid credits? We didn’t think so. For a site that says it is only created for entertainment purposes, CasualLounge.com is for sure quite expensive and lack authority.

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